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Bogart wins Wireless Zone Franchisee of the Year

SPRINGVILLE—With 16 years of ownership under his belt, Dave Bogart earned the Franchisee of the Year award for his Verizon Wireless Zones. He bought his first store in Hornell in 2002, before he even owned a mobile phone. He was enticed by the expanding opportunities within this retail market and thought it would be more fun than other traditional retail ventures. Bogart currently owns three stores located in Lockport, Springville and East Aurora.

His sales performance played a role in the winning, with the Lockport location holding the record for the past seven years, based on the gross volume of handsets sold.

“[Bogart] does a great job of supporting the community, he actively submits grant requests. He embodies our system. He gives and does it right,” Dave Staszewski, executive vice president of Wireless Zone said. “His stores are consistently top producing. He has no problem mentoring other store owners. He is so humble that he ultimately had a hard time accepting the award.”


Bogart recognizes his 26 employees for contributing to the success and the reception of this marker of achievement. With that said, there was one employee he gave special thanks to Tim Steenberg, who has been with him for six years and helps him run all three of his locations.  

Bogart and his family live in Orchard Park. He and his wife Melissa have two daughters Katy and Madeline. When he was dating his wife, she offered her support by quitting her job and coming to work for Bogart, against the advice of her father who believed that cell phones were just a fad.

Both Bogart and his wife also make sure to give back to the communities in which they work. Last year, the duo participated in the Schools Rocks Backpack Giveaway, as part of Verizon’s Culture of Good.

The Bogarts also volunteer at the Food Bank of Western New York. Melissa Bogart volunteers on a weekly basis and Dave Bogart is on the committee for their Walk-Off Hunger campaign.

Growing up in Tonawanda, Bogart says while he wasn’t from a wealthy family he never went without food. The concept of not having those basic needs fulfilled was such a foreign concept that made him want to get involved.


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