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Braman, Mayer join development committee

SPRINGVILLE– Reed Braman and Matt Mayer have been named to the Community Development Committee, alongside elected officials Mayor William Krebs and Trustee Alan Chamberlin. The committee has also announced its four main focus points for its inaugural meeting June 7. The committee, which was formed earlier this year, will look into renewable energy, rail to trail projects, trees and public art.

The committee is tasked with promoting projects to the Village of Springville that align with the village’s comprehensive plan. An advisory committee only, Krebs said they will have no fiduciary authority, but will help the Board of Trustees implement plans to better the community.

“The purpose of the Community Development Committee is to give structure and focus to the proposals that are included in the comprehensive plan, and the many good ideas that residents suggest to elected officials from time to time,” Krebs said in a press release. “The participants in this committee will move the ideas from a concept to a workable and prioritized plan, and submit their recommendation to the Board of Trustees before the budget meetings in January.”

While the committee itself is limited to participants, there is opportunity to join subcommittees which will focus more intently on one specific project. The subcommittees will work on detailed plans throughout the summer and fall and provide their recommendations to the committee.

The Community Development Committee was approved by the Board of Trustees in January, after Krebs suggested including residents in the comprehensive plan.

“We have citizens call and say ‘it would be great if the village could’ and tell us a project that they’d like … and most of the time it’s something that’s already in the master plan,” Krebs said. “We’re trying to put some flesh to great ideas.”

In addition to planning the implementation of projects, Krebs said he hopes the committee will allow for more transparency in local government. Residents who are interested in joining the committee or subcommittees should call the village office at 592-4936.


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