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Budget passes at S-GI, four elected to board of education

SPRINGVILLE—Daniel Miess and Jessica Curry Schuster will join the Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education, and Chris Cerrone and Jennifer Sullivan will hold their board seats, after the annual election May 16. Voters also approved a $36 million budget and the purchase of school buses and similar vehicles.

Miess earned 486 votes and won a one-year seat, which began May 17, ending June 30, 2018. Schuster’s 575 votes earned her a three year seat, along with Cerrone’s 610 and Sullivan’s 633. Pamela Heary received 466 votes.

Cerrone and Sullivan were both elected for a second term, having first been elected in 2014. Sullivan was named the board’s vice president after the 2014 election. The two re-ran in hopes of continuing the board’s momentum.

“The next step, I think, is to establish a long-term vision … what our goals are,” Cerrone previously said. “We’ve been talking about whole-child education … being student-centered.”

Sullivan said she likes to help out where she can, and had been hopeful to continue the relationship with the community.

“I think [the board has] made good, positive changes and we’re really making a difference now,” she said. “People are happy and good things are happening.”

Schuster will fill Michael Connors seat. An S-GI graduate, Schuster is hoping to create more transparency within the district. She called the school a “cornerstone” of the community and is looking forward to continuing the success the board has had. Miess, whose term begins immediately, will take over for Tammy Sherwood.

Sherwood was appointed earlier this year, filling the seat left vacant by Garett English. Miess is using his children and a want to help out as his motivation. He noted there aren’t any serious issues within the district, but he does think there is always room for improvement.

Residents approved a $36.8 million budget for the 2017-18 school year. The budget is a slight decrease from the most recent budget, and keeps the tax levy at 2.54 percent. There were 588 voters in favor of the budget and 220 opposed.

The district will also purchase seven 66-passenger buses, one wheelchair bus, two 16-passenger buses and two minivan-type vehicles. Part of the accelerated bus replacement schedule, approved by the board a year ago, the approximate cost of the buses will be $925,000. There were 576 “yes” votes for the bus purchases, and 241 “no” votes.


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