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CES banks in need of attention

SPRINGVILLE—The creek bank at Colden Elementary School is collapsing, Superintendent Kimberly Moritz reported at the May 8 Springville-Griffith Institute Board of Education meeting. In the last 10 years, Moritz said, the school has lost roughly 100 feet of property and it will likely continue that way.

“A significant portion of land has dropped and cracked,” Moritz said. “We are on top of employing the right people to figure it out … this is not something that can wait. We need to fix the property.”

Moritz met with the Water and Soil Conservancy, and will be in touch with two other property owners as well as the Town of Colden Supervisor, James DePasquale. Water has also gotten into the playground; Moritz said the drainage issues will need to be fixed. While there isn’t a safety issue to the students, Moritz said this isn’t something that can wait.

Board Member Tammy Sherwood recommended reaching out to Legislature John Mills, who might be able to point the district to agencies that might help with funding. Sherwood also noted that she had similiar issues, and worked with the Water and Soil Conservancy, calling them the “right people” for the job.

The district is looking at adding another kindergarten teacher at Springville Elementary School, at the recommendation of Principal Chris Scarpine. Pre-registration numbers for the 2017-18 school year show 93 students coming into the district. Scarpine said that is among the larger numbers the district has seen and the current five classes will likely have 20 or more students.

“To me, that’s not acceptable,” Scarpine said. “I’d like to bring it back to 16-17 kids per room.”

The board later approved the addition of a sixth kindergarten teacher for SES.

Scarpine and Middle School Principal Shanda DuClon, along with JoAnn DePue, director of technology, data and assessment recommended the board approve the Journey Reading Program, after they presented a report outlining the pilot programs. Kindergarten through sixth graders used three different reading programs this year, with teachers and administrators rating the programming throughout. Overall, the Journey Reading program was recommended by the Scarpine, DuClon and DePue. The board approved the purchase of the material.

“I’m thrilled the teacher voices were thrown into this,” board member Chris Cerrone said.

He did ask if the program was set, or if the teachers were able to give their own input or manipulate their lessons plans into the material.

“This is only instructional material, not a teacher teaching,” Moritz said. She added the program would give all students a similar experience, but still allows for teachers to make it their own.

Board President Allison Duwe thanked Tammy Sherwood for stepping into a role on the board of education. Duwe added there is a lot of time spent on the board, and she’s appreciative of the work Sherwood has done in her few months on the board.

The board will next meet Tuesday, May 16 for a special meeting, at 8 p.m. in the High School library and media center.


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