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Cattaraugus, Erie County election results

Voters took to the polls on Nov. 7, with towns hosting races for supervisor, councilmen positions and clerks. Below are unofficial results from each town, the following do not necessarily include absentee ballots or write-in votes. Official results are released no later than 25 days after the election.



Councilman: William Heim, 390 votes

         John Pfeffer, 342 votes


East Otto

Supervisor: Anne Rugg, 237 votes

Councilman: Angela Sherman, 210 votes

        William Spors, 149 votes

Clerk: Deanna Bowen, 238 votes

Highway Superintendent: Thomas Benz, 226 votes



Supervisor: Jason Keding, 1,752 votes

Councilman: Jennifer Lucachick, 2,173 votes

        Michael Cartechine, 1,863 votes

Clerk: Sandra Quinlan, 1,711 votes

Justice: Debra Bender, 2,290 votes



Supervisor: James DePasquale, 893 votes

Councilman: David Arcara, 818 votes

        Jesse Hrycik, 796 votes

Highway Superintendent: Paul Clarkson, 871 votes



Supervisor: Kenneth Martin, 852 votes

Councilman: James Hotnich, 916 votes

        Sara Jane Sion, 722 votes

Clerk: Becky Jo Summers, 645 votes

Highway Superintendent: Peter Waterman, 1,002 votes



Supervisor: Clyde Drake, 1,547 votes

Councilman: Jim Krezmien, 1,541 votes

        Phil Drozd, 1,510 votes

Clerk: Darlene Schweikert, 2,115 votes

Assessor: Dawn Martin, 1,970 votes

Justice: Leslie Gibbin, 2,065

Highway Superintendent: Dennis Dains, 2,056 votes



Supervisor: Beverly Gambino, 632 votes

Councilman: Leonard Hochadel, 481 votes

        Jamie Emmick, 456 votes

Clerk: Jennifer Bray, 705 votes

Justice: Gene Heintz, 727 votes

Highway Superintendent: Donald Hopkins, 661 votes


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