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Community Development Committee working to help better Springville


To help provide a way for members of the village to voice their opinions on ways to better Springville, the Community Development Committee continues to provide an outlet for residents where some of those ideas can hopefully come to fruition.

Having been formed during the Feb. 6 Village of Springville Board of Trustees meeting, Springville Mayor William Krebs said the Community Development Committee was started to help give residents the opportunity to give their input and help with promoting projects within the village that will help with the goals of the village’s master plan.

“The purpose of the Community Development Committee is to make recommendations and advise the board of trustees before the trustees go into the budget process of projects that are in line with our master plan and projects that are recommended by the residents of the village,” Krebs said. “It gets advice to the trustees in hopes that through discussion and information gathering, some of these initiatives can be put into practice the following year.”

The Community Development Committee recently had its second meeting of the year on Nov. 15 and during the two meetings, have discussed a variety of ideas and projects within the village. While this committee is strictly advisory with no fiduciary authority, the Community Development Committee helps get these project ideas to the board of trustees where solutions can then be discussed.

Residents have been responsive with ideas and have started to lead some change in the village. A local group who play Pickleball at Eaton Park expressed their opinion for improvements of facilities at the park. With their input, Krebs said the village is currently getting information on fixing the surface of the tennis courts and reconfigurations to the nets to allow for both tennis and Pickleball.

Also in attendance at the Community Development Committee meeting was a resident looking to set up a sustainability committee for assisting the village for energy conservation outreach programs and make recommendations to the village on the Climate Smart Communities and Clean Energy Communities programs. It was also discussed that this sustainability committee could possibly make recommendations on tree placement throughout the village.

Other topics discussed at meetings include additional work for the Springville Pop Warner Rail Trail and public art in areas throughout the village.

“The Community Development Committee is the vehicle in which residents with interesting projects can participate and put more detail to their plans and present them to the board of trustees,” Krebs said. “The people at the last meeting were appreciative of the fact that they could express their ideas and have them presented to the board of trustees for future action.”

For more information on the Community Development Committee or information on future meetings, residents can call the village office at 592-4936.


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