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Concord approves resolution to fight zombie properties

CONCORD—The Concord Town Board passed a resolution supporting the Home Rule which seeks to amend the Erie County Tax Act. The resolution, which was unanimously passed at the board’s June 8 meeting, aims to take steps against zombie properties.

The resolution calls for the New York State Senate to “shorten the period in which the holder of a tax sale certified by a municipality to be vacant and abandoned from two years to one year.”

“We’ve got as big a problem [as Springville] in the town here,” Concord Supervisor Gary Eppolito said. “Part of the problem is that it takes too long to foreclose … that’s the real problem and we’re all suffering.”

The Village of Springville adopted the same resolution earlier this month.

The board also approved a buyout of a 2002 Kobelco SR 70, which has been utilized in shared service with the Town of Colden. Concord will pay Colden’s half of the excavator, valued at $17,500.


“I’m in favor of the buyout,” said Highway Superintendent Dennis Dains. “We’ve had it the past two or three years, it's been a good deal.”

Colden requested the buyout as they are looking to purchase a new machine to be used only by their municipality. There have been some issues sharing the excavator, Dains said, especially considering the recent wet weather.

“One reason is Mother Nature … and the heavy rain storms. Colden takes a beating,” Dains said.

The machine has been with Colden for much of the spring, Dains said, and Concord has the money in the town highway equipment reserve.

Councilman Clyde Drake reported the Hulbert Library of the Town of Concord amended their bylaws to say a majority of board trustees need to live in the town. With that, the library appointed Kara Kane to the board of trustees.

In other news, the board:

– Increased the fee of a cemetery plot in East Concord and Mortons Corners cemeteries to $400.

– Approved the increase of Senior Center Director Eleanor Eschborn’s salary to $14 per hour and the senior van driver to $13.17.

The next Concord Town Board meeting will be held on Thursday, July 13 at 7 p.m. at the Concord Town Hall, located at 86 Franklin St. in Springville.



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