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Dairy Fest committee thinking ‘outside the box’

SPRINGVILLE—Despite less sponsorship funding, the WNY Dairy Ag Fest will be held this year, Festival Chairwoman Joni Taylor announced. Heading into its 29th year, festival-goers might see some changes, but Taylor said there will still be plenty of activities.

“There were a lot of good ideas [from committee members] on how to keep it going,” Taylor said. “Now it’s just plain getting the word out there.”

Committee members brainstormed at their April meeting, trying to decide how to reduce the cost of the event. The overall idea was to cut the expense of the festival, Taylor said, and it took a little work.

“Thinking outside of the box … yes, that’s what we had to do,” she said.

While the three-day festival is free to the public, the committee pays for some of the activities. The petting zoo, Taylor said, was one of their bigger expenses. The committee will be focusing on bringing in local animals this year, to help defer the cost. Similarly, the committee will be working to reduce the cost of other activities and programming.

“It’s a community event … we didn’t want to charge for it,” Taylor said. “We just love bringing everyone together on the same page.”

Last month, Taylor had concerns about the future of the Dairy Fest. With less than $10,000 in sponsorship funding, she said the festival would be much smaller than year’s past. The committee will still work to gain more support, but in the meantime will focus on reducing the cost.

This year’s festival will again be held behind the Springville-Griffith Institute High School. Some members of the community have voiced their displeasure with the location, though Taylor said she was unaware of the complaints until recently. It’s likely the festival will be moved again in 2018, as S-GI will be replacing its high school track.

“We can’t make everyone happy … but we want to make sure families are safe,” Taylor said. “We got kicked out of the [Municipal Parking lot], construction moved us from Franklin Street and the school opened their campus.”

For this year, the festival will be at the high school, Taylor said it’s not yet known where the 2018 event will be. She’s just happy to be able to coordinate the 2017 event.

“If you don’t do it one year, you never start back up,” she said. “We’re working to keep [Dairy Fest] going again.”

Dairy Ag Fest will kick off June 2 and run through the weekend. Visit for more information.


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