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Dairy Fest eyes Municipal Lot as temporary home

SPRINGVILLE – Dairy Fest will celebrate its 30th year with a new home. The Springville Board of Trustees on Nov. 6 approved the festival committee look further into hosting the event in the Municipal Parking lot.

The committee will need to speak with business owners and residents on East Main Street, determine access points and parking. The festival would set up in the Municipal Parking lot, with the rides and craft vendors throughout the parking spaces. The petting zoo and animal exhibits will be in Shuttleworth Park.

dairyfest-logoFestival Chairwoman Joni Taylor and volunteer Kevin Friedman spoke to the board about their plans for the 2018 Dairy and Ag Fest.

“We’re struggling to find a place because we need electricity, we need tents,” Friedman said. “The Municipal Lot gives us all that in a central location.”

The festival was originally going to be at the Springville-Griffith Institute high school in 2018, they said, but capital project work at the school canceled those plans. The festival committee looked at the middle school, Firemen’s Park and Community Park before looking into the Municipal Parking lot.

“Fireman’s Park only has one entrance … which doesn’t allow for people to move around,” Taylor said. “And it’s the same with [Community Park.] All the fences make it hard.”

The committee looked into using Heritage Park and Franklin Street, but wouldn’t be able to close the road for three days. With the Municipal Parking Lot, Taylor said festival goers can park on Main Street and the side streets, which could bring more commerce to the businesses.

“Springville has grown so much … this will allow people to see that,” she said. “This is a great opportunity for Springville to reintroduce Western New York to its improvements, growth, year long activities and the many unique Main Street area businesses.”

Rides would be brought to the lot on Tuesday, getting set up throughout the week. The other vendors would trickle in beginning Friday.

Mayor William Krebs said his biggest concern was allowing businesses and resident access to the buildings surrounding the parking lot. Most of the businesses Taylor spoke to were OK with the location.

“Majority are positive,” Taylor said. “We did speak to some of the businesses.”

Some tents would need to be staked into the lot’s blacktop, though Clark said they would fill them with sand and patch them on Sunday after the festival closes. Parking spaces near the building line would be left open for residents and business use.

The lot would mark the fifth grounds for the festival in its 30 years, and the second time it’s been held at the Municipal Lot. Along with the high school, the Tops parking lot, Main Street and Franklin Street have hosted Dairy Fest as well. It was last held in the Municipal Parking lot about 15 years ago.

The committee is looking for volunteers and new ideas for this year’s festival planning. Interested parties can contact the committee at 86 Franklin St., PO Box 368, Springville, NY, 14141.


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