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Defective asphalt causes problems with Route 240 repaving

After years of work trying to get Route 240 paved, repaving work finally started on a section from Holland Glenwood Road to Foote Road in August. But in the few weeks it's been finished, problems with potholes have already started in the new section of road.

In response to the potholes forming, both Erie County Legislature Majority Leader Joseph Lorigo and Erie County Legislature Chairman John Mills have been working to figure out why this happened and what can be done to resolve the problems.

“After being ignored for years, Route 240 from Holland Glenwood to Foote Road, was finally repaired and repaved in August. However, immediately after the roadway was ‘finished,’ potholes started forming,” Lorigo said in a press release. “I spoke with DPW Commissioner and County Engineers immediately after learning of this issue and was told there was an issue with the top layer of asphalt. I am concerned that if we don’t fix this correctly that we will be back to square one.

“This isn’t the only county project to receive numerous complaints. We are investing millions of taxpayer dollars into fixing these roads and subpar work is not acceptable. Taxpayers expect to see results. I am asking the County Executive and DPW Commissioner to ensure that this section of Route 240 is repaired to the highest standards.”

The composite mixture in the paving material was not the right consistency, causing it to be defective, according to Mills. The DPW is now working with the contractor of the paving materials to fix the problem, which Mills said would probably take the entire section being resurfaced.

“We are following this very closely … this one is really high on the radar screen,” Mills said. “I’m confident that we are going to get this right. It’s unfortunate because of how bad that road has been for a number of years that this thing gets into this situation where we have faulty material put in for paving … it’s inexcusable.”

Since the potholes have started, Mills said a core sample was taken from the road and found the asphalt to be defective and the County is working with the contractor on a full resurface rather than just any kind of patching. While fixing the problem should come at no expense to the County from the contract, Mills said he expects the work to be completed by winter, but it also could cause delays in other projects.

“It won’t be an expense so that’s good news,” Mills said. “The bad news is that it just delays work that can be done in places like Springville-Boston Road.”

While many people have been fighting to get Route 240 fixed for years, Mills said they are doing everything in their power to get the road to where it needs to be and make sure it stays for years to come.

“It was a long time coming … I’ve been fighting to get that road done for 12 years,” Mills said. “Bottom line is that we are going to make it right and we are going to keep a close eye on the administration, what they do and how they do it.”

A representative from the Erie County DPW could not be reached.


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