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Fire Hall gets blessed

SPRINGVILLE—The Springville Volunteer Fire Company will now have a little extra power on their side, after a blessing of the hall and new equipment was held Nov. 11. The blessing, performed by Father Joe Bayne, was a spiritual way to bring the equipment into the department.

Bayne, who is the Chaplain for both the Buffalo Fire Department and the Erie County Emergency Services, is no stranger to the Springville Volunteer Fire Company. He said he was glad to be in Springville again, for something so positive.

“I’ve cried with [the department], laid some of their finest to rest … what an honor to celebrate something good,” Bayne said.

The blessing was the idea of Springville Fire Chief Dave Klenk, who wanted to commemorate the new hall, the department’s new vehicles, turnout gear and Hurst Tools, including Cutters and the Jaws of Life. Klenk brought the idea to his department, who welcomed the idea.

“We felt like it was important,” Klenk said. “There is a lot of spiritualism with the company and we wanted the Big Guy fighting with us.”

The ceremony also served as an open house for the new hall, which was officially opened this year. The new hall has enough space to house the aerial platform truck, enclosed trailer with rescue equipment, traffic management equipment and other vehicles. There is also an EMS room, which gives the volunteers more space, and renovated space for the Springville Police Department, Control Center and Erie County Substation.

“We thank the members on the committee for the building,” First Assistant Chief Dennis Dains said. “This building is an asset to public safety in the village.”

The Franklin Street fire hall was originally constructed in 1936 with an addition built in the mid 60s. Following the upgrading of technology and firetrucks, the Main Street fire hall was built in 1986 to allow for bigger trucks. In 2014, discussions began to renovate the Franklin Street hall to move the aerial platform truck back downtown. Construction on the new hall, which is attached to the village’s Public Safety Building, began in 2016 and officially completed in 2017.


“Thanks to the board,” Dains said. “This is a very efficient building for the department. It fits the needs of the community and the department.”

Before moving forward with the blessing, Bayne spoke about the importance of teamwork and leaving your ego “at the door.” Without a doubt in his mind, he said, the volunteers of the department leave their egos at the door to come together for the betterment of the community.

“This is the good stuff … and the fruition of teamwork,” Bayne said. “The blessing I do is not magic. It would not be possible without the women and men who do this job.”

Bayne proceeded to bless the Hurst equipment, trailers, vehicles and gear. Both members of the department and the company’s canine “mascot” Mona Lisa were also blessed.



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