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Garden Walk continues to grow

SPRINGVILLE – With gardens in bloom, the SCENe Garden Club is gearing up for its third annual SCENe Around Town Garden Walk. Set for Saturday, July 14, the event opens residents’ gardens to the public.

Though it started with homes in the village center, it has since grown to include gardens outside the immediate village center about four miles. With last year’s event spreading outside village limits, SCENe Garden Club president Cindy Goode said she had some doubts about the number of visitors.

“They actually had a good amount of visitors to those last year … so that was nice,” she said. “They’re not far, but they’re well worth the drive.”

Goode also suggests stopping by Woodward Avenue, for a garden that makes you “just want to stay.” With shrubs, flowers and a new evergreen space, the garden offers a little something for everyone, complete with a seating area and “unique elephant” birdbath.

“It’s a matter of personal opinion … but it’s such a nice area and one of those where you just want to wander and stay in,” Goode said. “It’s just such a joyful garden.”

The event started in 2016, with about 10 gardens, ranging from small patio gardens to yard-sized ones. This year, they have between 25 and 28 gardens.

“We have a number of new ones which is really great,” she said. “And some that are returning.”

In addition to bringing the community together, Goode said the walk has attracted people from outside the area into Springville. Being advertised in a regional garden walk book, people are coming to the village to see what it has to offer.

“I was surprised to have people from other areas … it’s good for the community itself,” she said. “They like coming to a small town and seeing what we have to offer. I’d say we’ve been successful.”

In addition to those who open their gardens to the public, Goode said the sponsors and Village of Springville have been really helpful in continuing the success of the event.

“We’re very fortunate to have the sponsors we have,” she said. “And the Mayor and [trustees] have been very helpful.”

Maps for the SCENe Around Town Garden Walk will be available on July 14 at the Fiddler’s Green Park gazebo beginning at 10 a.m. The walk continues until 4 p.m.


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