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Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee to study ‘textalyzer’ technology

ALBANY—Governor Andrew Cuomo has directed the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee to study textalyzer technology, which is designed to detect if a cell phone was used in the moments before a crash. The Committee will hear from advocates who support this technology along with other stakeholders and issue a report on their findings.

"Despite laws to ban cellphone use while driving, some motorists still continue to insist on texting behind the wheel – placing themselves and others at substantial risk," Cuomo said. "This review will examine the effectiveness of using this new emerging technology to crack down on this reckless behavior and thoroughly evaluate its implications to ensure we protect the safety and privacy of New Yorkers."

The Governor's Traffic Safety Committee and its member agencies will study existing technology, constitutional and legal issues associated with the implementation and use of such technology, implementation and use of such technologies in other jurisdictions, statutory amendments necessary for the implementation and use of such technology in New York and any other issues deemed necessary.

At the conclusion of the study, a report will be issued on their research and next steps. Meetings with interested parties will be scheduled by the committee.


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