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Gugino named Springville Boys and Girls Club president

SPRINGVILLE—After being named to the position about a month ago, Bill Gugino continues to help provide even more opportunities for local children as the new president of the Springville Boys and Girls Club.

When former club president Jim Howe resigned, Gugino, who was on the board of directors at the time, was nominated to take over the president position.


“I’m very humbled that they selected me,” Gugino said. “I understand the importance of the Boys and Girls Club and I’m looking to the future of building the club and strengthening the club at all levels.”

Although he had only been serving on the board of directors for a short time, Gugino said the transition has been going well so far. He’s been meeting with staff members in order to get to know them and learn their job functions.

“We are in the process of working on many changes that we feel will be beneficial to the club in the coming months,” Gugino said. “Some of the changes will be very subtle and some of them will be phased in as time goes on. We are just looking at how the club is today and what our goals are for the club in the near future.”

When looking at the future goals for the Springville Boys and Girls Club, Gugino said expanding services and programming to as many children as possible, while also making sure their current programming continues strong with the right staff, is their main goals as they look to the future of the club.

“We want to be able to get our programs out there to more children … we cover quite a large area as it is and we just want to make sure we are reaching every child that can possibly use our services,” Gugino said. “That is our number one goal, to reach the children.”

Being a longtime resident of Springville, Gugino is excited to be in this new position at the Boys and Girls Club and is happy to be able to serve the community he loves.

“I’m just really thankful to be in the position,” Gugino said. “I’m very passionate about Springville, very passionate especially about our children and I am looking forward to serving the club and serving Springville.”

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