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Interpretive sign welcomed to Pop Warner trail

Volunteers who were instrumental in getting the Pop Warner Rail Trail open and the WNYSSB sign placed cut the ribbon on the sign.

SPRINGVILLE – Since its opening last year, the Springville Pop Warner Rail Trail has continued to grow with added improvements, with the most recent addition opening with a ribbon cutting ceremony on Nov. 6.

Village of Springville Mayor William Krebs, Erie County Legislature Chairman John Mills, members of the Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail board and members of the community were in attendance to cut the ribbon for the Western New York Southtowns Scenic Byway interpretive pedestrian sign. The sign, which was funded by a grant secured by Mills, will be the 16th interpretive sign along important sections of the WNYSSB.

The Springville Pop Warner Rail Trail is a 1.8 mile multiuse trail that runs along the former Buffalo and Pittsburg Railroad. This section of trail is part of a 27.6-mile currently being developed by the Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail, Inc. that will run from Orchard Park to Ashford. In 2009, the Village of Springville Board of Trustees passed a resolution supporting the adaptive reuse of the corridor into a multiuse trail and now the project has grown greatly since the initial idea.

“It’s going to be great for all Western New Yorkers, and even those who are visiting Western New York, to be able to use this 27.6 mile corridor in the future,” Erie Cattaraugus Rail Trail co-chair Gary Willert said.

Willert also commended everyone in the Village of Springville who helped make the Springville Pop Warner Rail Trail section possible and helping continue the progress of the entire 27.6 mile trail.

“Springville has led the way and continues to show their leadership to the other municipalities that are attached to this line and we are very fortunate for the work that Mayor Krebs and the board has done here,” Willert said.

As work continues on the entire 27.6 mile Rail Trail, Willert said the ECRT and the Buffalo and Pittsburg Railroad are continuing their talks and are close to finalizing their negotiations.

For more information on the Erie Cattataugus Rail Trail, visit and for more information on the WNYSSB, visit


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