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Kempo Karate hosts donation drive for teachers

SPRINGVILLE – In an effort to help teachers furnish their classrooms, Kempo Karate has started a drive to collect school supplies to be donated to Springville-Griffith Institute teachers.

Owners of Kempo Karate Steve and Sue Townsend started the school donation drive and are collecting a variety of supplies including tissues, hand sanitizer, pens, pencils, notebooks and anything else that can help a teacher throughout the school year.

“I think it is going to be great for just what the teachers do in the community,” Sue Townsend said.

One of the biggest reasons the Townsends said they wanted to help the teachers is because of their help with Kempo’s S.T.A.R. program, which stands for Success Through Accepting Responsibility. The character building program tracks a child’s behavior through one month, it looks at the child’s behavior at home and school, requires them to attend and perform dojo and an activity of the month. The program awards Star Pins, which are used to move to the next belt.

“[The S.T.A.R program] has to go to the teachers and the teachers sign it for us. If they give the kid yeses everywhere, they get their next stripe and if they get a no anywhere, they don’t advance … they have to be good anywhere and that is the idea behind it so they are good in society and that connects us to the school,” Steve Townsend said. “We are just trying to give back to those teachers who help us … we are very appreciative of them helping us and it gives our program value.”

Students have to bring in a school supply donation as their March S.T.A.R activity, and the Townsends will be hosting a tournament in April with an entrance fee of a school supply donation. Residents can also bring donations to Kempo Karate and drop them in the box inside the front door.

Kempo Karate will be collecting supplies until August, where they will deliver the supplies to S-GI teachers starting at Springville Elementary and Colden Elementary. After the elementary schools, they will then start donating supplies to the middle school and hopefully make bags to give to students who don’t have the proper supplies.

Although this is the first year of the school supplies donation drive, Sue Townsend said they hope to make it an annual event, to run alongside their other community programs including their food drive and Food Pantry restock after Thanksgiving.

For more information on Kempo Karate or the donation drive, visit the Kempo Karate Center Facebook page, call 592-5425 or drop a donation at 54 Carolina St.


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