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Kiwanis ready to reward youth with ice cream

SPRINGVILLE—Together with the Springville Police Department and the Springville Dairy, the Kiwanis Club is rewarding area youth for doing good deeds. Throughout the summer, anyone under 18-years-old will have the chance at a coupon to the Springville Dairy if a member of the police force sees them doing a good deed.

“It can be anything from helping an old lady cross the street to picking up a piece of trash,” Kiwanis President Jim Anderson said. “All we ever hear about with kids is bad things … it’s high time we hard the good.”

Kiwanis International has a mission to “improve the world by making lasting differences in the lives of children,” its website says. By being a positive influence in communities, members of the Kiwanis Club hope to support children and allow them to thrive. Locally, the Springville Club hosts the Pageant of the Bands, Toys for Tots, All-Class Reunion, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny and helps support the Children’s League.

“Anything we can do, as a club, to help our youth is good,” Anderson said. “We’re in favor of anything that helps the kids.”

For their newest venture, police officers who see a kid doing a good deed will hand out a $3 coupon for the Springville Dairy. The Kiwanis donated $300 to the cause, resulting in 100 coupons for area youth. Anderson hopes in the future, they will need to print more coupons, but are excited for the 100 good deeds that will be completed this summer.

“It was suggested by one of our members,” Anderson said. “We all voted in favor of it, and hopefully we’ll have to print more [coupons] in the future. I think it will be a good thing.”

Officer in Charge Nick Budney agrees the challenge will be good for everyone involved. Giving back to the community, helping the Kiwanis and improving relations between the department and the youth.

“It’s really a two-fold,” Budney said. “Encouraging the youth to give back ... but also breaking down barriers with law enforcement.”

Part of being in law enforcement is working with the public to better the perception of officers, Budney said. Though he noted there isn’t an issue in the Springville community, nationally, the view of law enforcement officers has become more negative.

“I don’t think we have an issue in Springville … but more interaction with police officers in general is a good thing,” he said. “Police officers are here to do good … and anything we can do to model good behavior or encourage positive perception is good.”

The Springville Police Department has also teamed up with the Springville-Griffith Institute community to create a village seal and design new police cars. Working with the Kiwanis is just their latest endeavor. Officers in the community will be encouraged to hand out a Springville Dairy coupon to any youth they see completing a good deed. While all the details haven’t been exactly worked out, Budney said each officer will determine what they consider a good deed.

“It’s just a good way to reward our youth for doing something good,” Anderson said. “We’re thankful the police are helping.”

The program will begin later this year, following the opening of the Springville Dairy. Anderson encouraged anyone who would like to get involved with the Kiwanis Club to call him at 592-4876.


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