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Laudisio becomes first WVCS student accepted into New Vision

WEST VALLEY—Ashley Laudisio, a West Valley Central School senior, has been accepted into the New Vision: Health Professions Program through BOCES. The program is a BOCES elective for high school seniors who plan to attend college and major in a health-related field. New Vision: Health Professions only accepts 15 students each year.

Laudisio is the first ever WVCS student to be accepted.


New Vision students earn two high school credits for health occupation education, one high school credit for participation in government and economics, three college credits for English composition II, eight college credits for anatomy and physiology I and II, three college credits for medical terminology and three college credits for health science through the program. New Visions is offered onsite at Olean Career & Technical Education Center, Olean General Hospital and Jamestown Community College.

Laudisio’s participation in the program will help provide her with the opportunity to learn basic medical concepts, expose her to many medical careers and settings, develop critical thinking and writing skills and learn the basic principles of medical word building, pronunciation and use of medical terms. Other experiences included visitations to a chiropractor, optometrist, podiatrist, Home Care and Hospice, the Pines Rehabilitation Center, Total Senior Care and the Cattaraugus County Department of Health.

New Vision combines classroom instruction with observational clinical experiences in radiology, rehabilitation services, dentistry, dialysis and intensive care units, along with other areas. Student evaluation consists of examinations, research projects, individual and group projects, oral presentations, portfolio, journal and evaluation by professionals in the hospital and community.


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