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Legislator Mills tells Sardinians roads will be taken care of

SARDINIA—Residents of the Town of Sardinia have long complained about the condition of the county roads in their township. Locally maintained roads under the care of Highway Superintendent Don Hopkins and his crew are no problem — but Savage Road, Genesee Road and others maintained by Erie County are full of potholes and difficult to traverse. At the May 11 meeting of the Sardinia Town Board, Erie County Legislator John Mills pledged that help was on its way.

“Residents of Erie County should not have to put up with these rough roads,” Mills said, saying he had traveled down Savage, Matteson Corners and Warner Gulf roads and counted more than 180 potholes. “Some of the shallow ones I didn’t count.”

Mills said Erie County received “a ton of money” for infrastructure repairs and had targeted bridges, culverts and dams for work.  

“We are also going to do all nine miles of old Route 219,” he said. “Plus a section of Route 240.”

Mills said when those jobs come in under bid, it helps the county get money to other towns for the extra help they need.  

“I put you on the hitlist of areas that need attention,” Mills told the residents. “We are going to work together with your help and see what we’ve been doing wrong.”

Hopkins explained that potholes are not the only problem.  

“They have skid-paved and patched so [many times] on Savage Road that the elevation has risen above many of the driveways. When it rains and thaws water literally comes down the center of the road,” Hopkins said. “Some lawns are a disaster area, nothing has ever been done for the drainage part of it. You’d really have to rebuild the road to make it right.”

Councilman Len Hochadel, who has written several letters to the county to draw attention to the road problems, noted that patching has been so haphazard that when plows go down the road in the winter the patches end up in the ditch. Supervisor Bev Gambino added that Savage and Middle roads become main roads when Route 39 or Route 16 have to be closed for any reason and traffic is diverted, causing even more wear and tear.

“Savage Road is wonderful in the Town of Holland,” Mills said. “Are we being punished down here or what?”

Hopkins agreed, adding most every town in the county has their main street taken care of.

“You are going to see quite a difference this year, I promise you,” said Mills. “I will be back in 60 days with a new initiative, so stay tuned.”

Mills also brought along several brochures for Sardinia residents. Yellow Dot Program paperwork, Community Guides with important Erie County contact numbers, Scenic Byway brochures and WNY Hotspot Fishing maps are now available in the town clerk’s office.


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