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Local artist to start ‘Addictions Untitled’ project

SPRINGVILLE – As addiction rates continue to rise throughout the country, a Springville artist is doing her part to help raise awareness for the effects of addiction on both the user’s side and the people around them.

Amanda Dinse has started a new project called “Addictions Untitled” in which she is planning on collecting letters and notes from people who have been affected by addiction in some way, whether they are a user or family and friends close to the user. Dinse said the letters and notes can be as long or short as people want and is hoping to hear from those affected by all types of addiction including drugs, alcohol, self-harm or eating disorders.

“I know that there is a growing epidemic of addiction and the thing with addiction is that it doesn’t just affect the addict, which I really see a lot of focus on and there is not a lot of focus on everything else it affects,” Dinse said.

Being a recovering addict herself, and later working as a rehab counselor, Dinse said she has seen firsthand the effects that addiction can have on not only the user's life, but their children, family, friends and others close to them.

“It’s something that I fight with and it’s something that many people fight with that you would never even know and I think it’s time to stop hiding,” Dinse said. “This is something I have to do … if it helps one person, that’s awesome.”

Expressing herself verbally has been a challenge for Dinse, but art has given an avenue for her to express her feelings and emotions in a creative way. Art has helped in her recovery process, Dinse said, and hopes that with this project, others affected by addiction can take away something positive.

“With art, this is what I meant to portray, but you see it how you see it,” Dinse said. “I’m really hoping I get a good response.”

While Dinse is still deciding on how she wants to display “Addictions Untitled,” once she receives the letters and notes, she said there a few ideas she is considering ranging from a composition piece to an installation piece.

For anyone looking to send in a submission, mail unmarked letters to Amanda Dinse, 46 Eaton St., Springville, NY 14141.


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