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National Ag Month: Tractor Supply to hold Chick Days event

SPRINGVILLE—As the Shop Local movement continues to grow, so too does the desire to raise chickens and other animals for consumption in the home. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, residents raising chickens in an urban setting is a growing trend. And Tractor Supply is bringing Chick Days to help bring the activity to the home and bring families closer.

“In addition to creating opportunities for our family to have fun, unplugged time together, this experience has taught us important lessons in is responsibility, reaping the rewards of hard work, and hot to eat well and live sustainably,” Neely Green, Tractor Supply marketing manager, said in a press release.

Springville Tractor Supply will host Chick Days through April 29. The 10 week program will feature live chicks and ducklings along with the supplies and expertise needed to begin or grow a backyard flock. Starter kits, feed, bedding, heat bulbs and more will also be on sale and backyard experts will be on hand to help families get started.


“Raising backyard poultry provides parents with so many teachable moments, like collecting eggs, caring for live animals and proper handling guide,” Green said. “As parents, it’s our job to teach our children personal responsibility and healthy behaviors.”

In Springville, residents are able to raise hens in their backyard, but there are laws regarding the way in which they can be housed. The Village Board of Trustees adopted a small animal code in January, following a months-long look into the pros and cons. Residents can obtain a license to house chickens at the Village Office.

Each municipality has its own laws regarding raising poultry. Tractor Supply recommends contacting local government before purchasing live animals. For more information on Chick Days, visit To read the Village of Springville’s laws on raising chickens, visit


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