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Republicans sweep Concord election

CONCORD—Clyde Drake, Jim Krezmien and Phil Drozd will be the Town of Concord’s supervisor and newest councilman, respectively. The Republican candidates defeated the Elect New Concord Team of William Krebs, Jon Hamann and Matthew Mayer in the Nov. 7 election.

Darlene Schweikert, Dennis Dains and Dawn Martin reclaimed their positions as town clerk, highway superintendent and town assessor, respectively. The three ran unopposed and will serve another four years in those positions. Leslie Gibbin will again serve as town justice, defeating write-in candidate Edward Young.


Drake won 65 percent of the votes, to Krebs’ 35 percent. Both Krezmien and Drozd had 33 percent of the votes, while Hamann and Mayer each had 17 percent. Krezmien is currently the deputy supervisor for the town, while Drozd is new to the political scene.

“We went out and listened to the people. And it was the candidates going out and knocking on doors, not someone they didn’t know,” Drake said. “I think that played a part in our victory. Personally, I think we just out worked [the Democrats.]

Drake said he had no animosity toward their opponents, but thinks the community was just “more confident” with the Republicans and their abilities. The issues and concerns raised by community members are


As supervisor, Drake said the first order of business is to finish the town’s comprehensive plan. The plan has been in the works for the past months and is scheduled to be put in front of the board in March. The town and board will also be speaking to Spectrum to provide better internet access to the town.

“We have our eyes on Community Park, too,” he said. “But I have to get my feet on the ground first. You have to walk before you can run.”

Drake has been a member of the town board for four years, where he learned about responsible leadership and the importance of providing affordable services to all residents. During his campaign, he spoke about growing town services in a fiscally responsible way and vowed to be the “chief financial officer” for the town.


Krebs, in a statement, thanked the residents who supported him and his running mates. He also thanked the Democratic Party for its support and endorsement and the volunteers who worked phone lines, knocked on doors and posted signs in their yards.

“I thank the team that worked day after day to raise the funds needed to launch our campaign and bring or ideas to the community,” Krebs said.

During the election season, issues were brought up from residents on both sides of the political aisle and Krebs is hopeful those elected will work toward making those improvements.

“We know now that issues such as taking care of our Community Park, coordinating Senior Services and advocating for rural broadband needs to be addressed by Concord government,” he said. “We look forward to speedy action on their part.”

He also offered himself, Hamann and Mayer as “willing volunteers,” to help the town improve services.

“We ran a positive campaign that set a tone for cooperation,” he said. “I hope that our Republican neighbors feel the same, and will look to me, [Hamann] and [Mayer] as willing volunteers to improve the economy, recreation opportunities and services in our town.”

Democratic Party Chair Lacey Miller congratulated Drake, Krezmien and Drozd on their victory in a press release. She asked members of the community to continue to hold elected officials accountable adding that for the sake of families and the future of Concord, residents “will not accept anything less.”

The elected officials will take their seats in January.


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