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S-GI students work to design village seal

SPRINGVILLE—Students at Springville-Griffith Institute are looking to leave their mark on the Springville community as they work to design a village seal.

One of the Springville Police officers suggested the police department change their badges and patches to Officer in Charge Nick Budney last year, and thought getting high school students involved would be a good way to make it a community effort. The idea developed into designing a village seal from there.

This year, Budney spoke with Village Administrator Liz Melock about the village seal project and started getting students involved.

“[The officer] thought it would be a good idea that we have a contest with kids at the high school to design a village seal because the village does not have a seal,” Budney said. “It allows kids to buy into their community and leave a lasting mark on their community that could be around for hundreds of years.”

Earlier in the year, Budney met with students from Christy Komenda’s Springville-Griffith Institute’s high school graphic design class to talk about other municipalities, their seals and what they portray to give the students some ideas before they make their designs.


“I think it speaks volumes for the talent of our students,” Komenda said. “I think the opportunity to have life skills and see that what they are developing will be on actual letterhead, badges or at least have an impact on what that next design will be is huge.”

After making their village seal designs, the students were able to present their ideas to Budney, Trustee Nils Wikman and S-GI High School Principal James Bialasik where they were given some feedback. After seeing the designs, Budney said he was very impressed with the students work and what they were able to come up with.

“From the designs that I have seen, a lot of the students want to go with a past, present, future kind of thing … these kids are trying to understand what Springville means to them and what represents Springville to other people where that seal is identifiable,” Budney said. “I think these kids are rising to the challenge and some of the designs are pretty incredible.”

Seeing her students construct their designs throughout the process, Komenda said the village seal designs have been good so far and are continuing to get better as they tweak their work and get feedback from those involved in the project. Komenda added that she hopes that the students use this project as a stepping stone for the future, if they decide to continue down the path of graphic design.

“They really pour their heart and energy into it and want to see quality work,” Komenda said. “I hope they realize that even though they don’t necessarily have a voting voice or have a huge platform as a student, they realize their personal value, drive and persistence going through the process of hearing feedback and reworking designs or just being able to look through a critical lens, they know as they get older that they have the potential and skill to be a graphic designer or artist.”

The students will present their designs to the Village Board of Trustees, who will ultimately decide on which seal to adopt, in December. Once adopted, the seal can be used on anything within the village, from bills to village vehicles to letterheads. The seals will also be on display during the Dec. 12 S-GI Board of Education meeting from 6-7 p.m. in the library media center.

In the future, Budney said the village will be replacing their police cars and the students could have another opportunity to leave their mark on the community with designs and suggestions for the village police cars.

“The kids are excited because it’s not all that often that they have an opportunity to participate with their government to do something like this,” Budney said. “I think it’s a good teaching moment and the school has been a great partner.”


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