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S-GI works to make district better as new year nears

SPRINGVILLE—Students at Springville-Griffith Institute will soon be coming back to school as their summer vacation comes to an end on Tuesday, Sept. 5 for students throughout the entire district.

With a new year starting, S-GI Superintendent Kimberly Moritz said the leadership team of board of education members and administrators have been working hard to figure out ways to make the school experience the best it can be for all their students. The S-GI leadership team has recently been working with a program called Change School that works with educators from across the globe to help reimagine learning within the classroom through access to professionals at the Change School team and high level coaching that can help develop a plan to make their educational program most beneficial for students.

“We are really focused at looking at our instructional program,” Moritz said. “We are really thinking about what is learning and what are the best learning experiences that our students have had and how can we do more of that.

“We are looking forward to work with the district to figure out what an education should be moving forward because I don’t know that is should remain the same as its been for the last 200 years …  we have to challenge how things have always been and determine if all those practices should remain the same.”

SGI High School

After many administrative changes throughout the district last year, Moritz said their leadership team continues to build bonds and grow closer together as a district in their second year and is excited to see how the district can grow.

“We have an entire leadership team that remained intact since last year and now after that the first initial year of people getting to know each other, we are glad to see that is concluded and we are excited to move forward in working with our families and our teachers to talk about what is an S-GI education and what do we want it to be,” Moritz said.

In their work in continuing to grow the district, Moritz said there will be multiple new programs, courses and extracurricular activities available for students in all buildings including a new kindergarten through sixth grade reading program and a high school trap shooting team to go along with the many programs currently offered.

As the weeks wind down on summer vacation for students, Moritz offered some advice to students so they can take full advantage of the upcoming school year.

“We are well-intended and we really want Springville-Griffith Institute to be the best choice for our families and we are dedicated to evaluating all our practices and connecting with each student,” Moritz said. “This is a group of caring professionals who want the best for our kids so the advice I would give to all of our students is that they be curious, ask questions and they advocate for themselves.”


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