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SCA to present Milk Awards

SPRINGVILLE—The Springville Center for the Arts will be mentioning, honoring and thanking the volunteers who are the recipients for this year’s Milky Awards at the eighth Annual Gala and Mini-Golf Tournament on June 10.

The Milky Awards have been a tradition for several years at the Arts Center, an opportunity to recognize the best of the best when it comes to their volunteers and supporters. The name, The Milky, is an homage to Springville’s agriculture and dairy background. Awardees are presented with an etched glass milk bottle.

This year, Springville Center for the Arts acknowledges Gerry Hashagen, Karyn Hanrahan and the Thursday Morning Volunteer Crew: Billy Huggins, Bill McGirr, Rich Myers, Jim Palys, Brian Schuster and Mark Stevens.

Hashagen is known as the Art Center’s stalwart volunteer. As chair of the Presentation Committee and volunteer at almost every concert the Center has produced, Gerry is a critical component of the local arts scene.  

Hanrahan became an assistant for Spark!, the Center’s creativity program for preschoolers this past year. Formerly working in finance, she made a life change when her twin daughters were born. Helping with this program every week, she was described by staff with one word: indispensable.

The Thursday Morning Crew, Huggins, McGirr, Myers, Palys, Schuster and Stevens, arrive at the Arts Center every Thursday morning ready to work on renovation projects. Through their consistent efforts, the Center completed large-scale bathrooms which will open for the first time at the Gala. Many contributed to the work, but these volunteers deserve special recognition for their tenacious approach.

Springville Center for the Arts has grown as an organization through the hard work, support and dedication of volunteers. The Milky Awards give an opportunity for the board and staff to formally recognize these efforts.

Join Springville Center for the Arts’ Gala on Saturday, June 10, starting at 6 p.m., located at 37 N. Buffalo St., Springville. The awards ceremony, where the Milky Awards will be presented, will occur on the main stage at 8:15 p.m. Tickets are available by visiting or by calling 592-9038.


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