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Spirit Halloween opens in Springville

SPRINGVILLE—As summer comes to an end and fall approaches, the ghouls and ghosts come out for the Halloween season and a new store in Springville offers a variety of Halloween decorations and costumes for those of all ages.

Spirit Halloween, located at 212 S. Cascade Drive in the former Peebles building, opened its doors on Sept. 2 to local Halloween lovers. Spirit Halloween is the largest specialty Halloween retailer in the country and offers a variety of products including decorations, party supplies and animatronics, along with costumes, masks and makeup for a variety of classic costumes to ones from licensed television shows and movies including Stranger Things and Hocus Pocus.

“We try to provide an area where people can go and purchase lots of decorations for Halloween, unique items, licensed items and pretty much any kind of costume you would ever want,” Spirit Halloween Assistant Manager Aaron Rivet said. “It’s a very unique experience.”


Compared to other locations, Rivet said there are not many other stores in the area that sell only Halloween stuff, which makes Spirit Halloween a much easier one-stop shop for anything Halloween this year.

“We strictly sell Halloween stuff and there is a lot more variety,” Rivet said. “How many stores can you go in and have a whole rack dedicated to skeleton stuff and then a whole spot dedicated to tombstones? It’s a pretty cool place just to look around and browse.”

Since its opening, Rivet said the reception from the community has been good and hopes more people come in to see the store as Halloween gets closer.

“Everyone has been really excited about it opening up and everyone that has come in is happy seeing it,” Rivet said. “We will have a great customer base here.”

While Spirit Halloween is only a seasonal store and will remain open until November, Rivet said the store is planning on coming back annually and continue to offer even more Halloween items for years to come.

For more information on the store and their business hours, visit


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