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Springville Art’s Cafe installs new sign

SPRINGVILLE—The Springville Art’s Cafe, located at 5 E. Main St., continues to move closer to opening its doors as work concludes on the front facade, capped off with a brand new sign.

Along with hanging the new sign, Executive Director of Springville Center for the Arts Seth Wochensky said a lot of other work is continuing to finish including brick repointing, cleaning off old paint on top of the building and, thanks to the help of volunteers from the United Way Day of Caring, painting of cast iron details on the posts.

“It’s been a long road and you have to appreciate the milestones as they come,” Wochensky said. “It looks sharp and we are very excited.”

With the facade, Wochensky said the main goal was to model the design after the building’s original look from the 1890s. After doing some research, Wochensky was able to get pictures of the area during the that time and pulled enough information from those photos for many of the elements in the design, including the cast iron posts in front and the windows.

“We were able to scale a lot of the original elements off that photo and try and recreate that original look,” Wochensky said. “From a history perspective, the 1890s was the railroad era in Springville and building design changed quite a bit to a more Italian design and because things were coming in on railroads, you have big manufacturing and can suddenly have glass that was so much bigger. The fashion was those giant panes of glass that are almost modern in scale, but are very historically accurate.”

The original sign was very large and spanned across the entire building, and the Art’s Cafe wanted to go with something with the same shape, size and design, but with modern materials to make it last for years to come.

“The original sign was relatively large in comparison to what we think of signs today,” Wochensky said. “That whole area of the building was designed for a sign to go right across the front and that whole row of buildings would of had signs continuous across the top there. It really dresses up the building and makes it suddenly pop.”

Construction on the rest of the Art’s Cafe is steadily progressing thanks in large part to an approval from the National Parks Service that allows for financing through historic tax credits, Wochensky said. Recent work on the Art’s Cafe has included electrical, plumbing and planning for the operational side and Wochensky is happy to see this work continue at a good pace.

“In the last couple of months, there has been a lot of nice progress,” Wochensky said. “The project sits and starts and for a while, nothing was happening and we just didn’t have any capital to work with. But now, things are finally moving along.”

While there is no set date yet for the opening of the Art’s Cafe, Wochensky said the project continues to get closer and closer to completion and appreciates the patience and positive feedback received from the community.

“We have had a lot of comments about the look of the building and that is what we wanted …  to do the best job that we possibly could and really have that building look sharp. It is a community project and the community deserves a good building,” Wochensky said. “We are definitely getting closer and not farther away.”


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