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Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary looking for members

SPRINGVILLE – With their goal of helping firefighters while they are doing their job, the Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary is looking for new volunteers to help in their endeavors to help the Springville Volunteer Fire Company.

Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary President Carol Joslin said that the main purpose of the Auxiliary is to assist the firefighters while they are fighting bigger fires. When there is a larger fire, the chief calls the auxiliary, in which members go the scene to provide anything from food to water to coffee and more to the firefighters so they can continue with their demanding jobs.

“When the firemen are at a fire, they get really dry from the smoke … just having someone there to give that to them is very important,” Joslin said.

The Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary currently sits at 11 members, with many being longtime volunteers within the fire company including Marie Benzing for 55 years, Beth Bolt for 40 years and Cathy Schueler for 20 years. Joslin said they are continuously looking for some new members to join the auxiliary, especially younger volunteers to help some of the older volunteers who cannot do all the jobs by themselves.

“We don’t really have a lot of members right now,” Joslin said. “A lot of our members are older …  as we get older, we can’t do as much. Sometimes you get to the point where you can’t do things physically. I’m hoping that we get some younger members that can do it more.”

Being with the Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary for nine years, Joslin said that after seeing the auxiliary work with the firefighters, she thought she could do the job and wanted to be able to help the firefighters in whatever way possible and hopes others will see the benefits of the auxiliary and volunteer themselves.

“There was one fire that was just up the street from us and these women were handing out water,” Joslin said. “I said I would like to support the firemen. They do so much for us that I would like to try to help them out in any little way I can.

Along with helping the firefighters at the scene, the Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary meets once a month and helps with other jobs within the department including helping at the chicken barbecue, helping at the gun raffle and hosting their annual theme auction. Proceeds from the auction are donated to the fire department and the EMS to purchase new equipment. At this year’s installation dinner, Joslin presented a check of $1,500 to the fire department from the Auxiliary.

This year’s auction will be held on Saturday, March 10 at the fire hall and Joslin said that if anyone either from the community or the fire company could come help with the setup on March 9, it would be appreciated.

For more information or to volunteer with the Springville Firemen’s Auxiliary, contact Joslin at 592-2062.


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