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Springville Meals on Wheels looking for participants

SPRINGVILLE—For anyone who is unable to cook for themselves, unable to go grocery shopping or is in need of a way to have a meal, Springville Meals on Wheels is looking for new residents for their organization to continue providing assistance for those in need.

Springville Meals on Wheels is a volunteer organization that is able to provide both hot and cold meals Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. - noon. Meals can be provided any number of days per week and is available for anyone in need, whether its for a short or extended period of time.

“The importance of it is providing nutritional, well-balanced meals to those who are unable to do their own shopping, aren’t cooking as much anymore on their own or just checking in to say hi and see a friendly face everyday,” Diane Fleckenstein of Springville Meals on Wheels said.

Fleckenstein said what makes Springville Meals on Wheels different than other services is that the meals are prepared locally in the Bertrand Chaffee Hospital kitchen and the meals can be catered to a person’s likes or special concerns from cardiac needs to diabetic concerns and more. Also, Fleckenstein said Springville Meals on Wheels has no income guidelines or age requirements so they are able to help a wider range of people in Springville.

“The hospital is wonderful working with us … they haven’t told us that if we don’t hit a certain number they won’t do it and they will always prepare it as long as there is someone out there who wants it,” Fleckenstein said.

But over the past few years, Fleckenstein said participants in the Springville Meals on Wheels program have gone down because of people passing away or people moving into nursing homes and they are hoping to bring in more clients and continue to help the community.

“Our numbers have decreased a lot,” Fleckenstein said. “When I first started, we had three routes with probably six-to-10 houses on each route … we are now down to two routes and a total of 12-15 houses. We are definitely looking for more clientele.”

While the number of clients has been going down, Fleckenstein said the drivers and volunteers who help Springville Meals on Wheels have continued to be of great service to the organization and the current residents in the program and are a main reason for the longtime success of the program.

“I have the drivers that I do because they are very community-minded and they want to give back,” Fleckenstein said. “The important thing that it just makes us feel good helping out if someone needs something and the people involved are very service oriented.”

Hot meals are $5.35 per day and cold meals are $2 per day. Billing for the program is done at the end of each month.

For more information or to start Springville Meals on Wheels, call 592-4054.


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