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Springville Slot Car Club keeping the hobby alive

SPRINGVILLE—While the popularity of slot car racing has decreased since its peak in the 1950s and 1960s, clubs like the Springville Slot Car Club are still around to keep the hobby around for future generations.

The Springville Slot Car Club, located in the basement of the 56 E. Main St. building, has one of the largest setups for slot cars in the area with five different tracks available for everyone from the person just getting into slot cars to the experienced driver. After its start around 2000 and a few different owners, the Springville Slot Car Club is now run by Warren Lux, with the help of his son Joel Lux.


“I just enjoy them and it’s competitive,” Warren Lux said.

A slot car is an electrically-powered miniature vehicle guided along a track using a pin or blade that comes from the bottom of the car into a groove in the track. The speed of the car is then powered by the racer with a controller plugged into the track. Many of the cars available are modeled after real-life vehicles and are made to suit those of any speed or skill level.

For the newer driver looking to learn more about the hobby, Lux said they would be able to provide a car and controller for the first couple of times so people can decide whether to invest in their own supplies.

“We can set people up with a car the first few times,” Lux said. “We try to help everybody as much as we can.”

While the Springville Slot Car Club is open to the public throughout the week, they also host races throughout the year that brings in racers from across the state and around the country. But most of the time, the club consists of local people who want to have a fun and competitive race and would recommend others come down and see what slot car racing is all about.

“Say you have a son and he likes races on TV and wanted to come down and play around, we would set you guys up,” Lux said. “You were having a small birthday party and you wanted a place where you can get the kids together to try something different that nobody ever does anymore, it would be something that they could try.”

The Springville Slot Car Club is open Mondays and Thursdays from 6-9 p.m. and costs $5 per person.

For more information, visit the Springville Slot Car Club Facebook page.


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