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Springville Trading Post looking for school supply donations

SPRINGVILLE—For the 13th year, the Springville Trading Post is working to help kids in the community as they get ready to go back to school and is looking for help from the community in their efforts.

The Springville Trading Post is in the process of collecting school supplies for their annual backpack drive for students from kindergarten through sixth grade.

“It’s an awesome experience … it’s a good feeling to know that these children are being taken care of within our own community and not having to go someplace else,” Springville Trading Post Director Kim Crone said.

New this year, the Trading Post will be setting up a store at the backpack drive where students can pick out their own school supplies so they can have an extra level of choice and independence.

“We want the children feeling like they are a part of it and part of their own procedure for school,” Crone said. “It’s like going into a regular store and not feeling like they are just being given a handout … they are actually able to do it themselves and feel like they had a part in it.”

Crone said that the Trading Post is still looking to a variety of school supplies for the drive including backpacks, notebooks, scissors, loose leaf paper, three ring binders, glue sticks, tissue boxes, pencils, pencil cases, pens and anything else that could help the kids as they go back to school. Anyone interested in donating school supplies can drop them off at the Trading Post by Aug. 8.

While the deadline has passed to sign up, Crone said that they are still accepting applications at the Trading Post for the backpack drive and will do their best to help as many students as they can with the supplies they receive. If there are any leftover school supplies from this year’s backpack drive, they will be donated to teachers at Springville-Griffith Institute.

“If we get a lot of supplies in, we are definitely going to bless people with them,” Crone said.

The Springville Trading Post is located at 38 Franklin St. and is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

For more information on the backpack drive, call 592-4455.


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