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Tips for when you’re snow bored

SPRINGVILLE— A winter storm warning has been issued for southern Erie County and Cattaraugus counties, beginning tonight. The National Weather Service is predicting snowfall totals could be as high as 16 inches.

Yes, 16 inches. After the 18 inches hanging around from the March 2 storm and the few inches dumped on us last week. Is anyone else ready for spring?

Because we don’t like to dwell on the negative, we’ve rounded up some simple, fun ways to help beat the winter blues ahead of this most recent round of snow.

We’ll start with the obvious – make a snowman. This classic snow day activity allows the builder to get as creative as possible. From upside down snowmen, to little snow ladies waiting for a bus, the possibilities are endless. All you need is snow (check), rocks for eyes, sticks for arms and clothing or accessories for your new friend.


Next on the agenda, sledding. Another snow storm classic, this one requires a decent hill and a sled. Or a tray, or a piece of cardboard. Or, honestly, anything that will get you from the top of the hill to the bottom. Just don’t go all Clark Griswold and spray the bottom with baking grease.

A popular Pinterest find makes me laugh every time, though I’ve yet to give it a try. Pile up some snow in your backyard, and stick two glow sticks into it where eyes would be. That’s it. The lumps are supposed to look like little monsters with glowing eyes – likely to freak out some of your neighbors.

Feeling hungry? Snow can help!

Grab some pure maple syrup (Maple Weekend is March 16-18 and March 23-25 so it shouldn’t be hard to find) and clean, packed snow to make maple snow candy. Though it’s unclear where exactly this tradition began, many attribute the candy – known as Maple Jack Wax, Maple Taffy and Snow Candy – to Canada. No matter where it came from, or what it’s called, it’s a simple way to combine our two seasons.


Pack clean snow onto a baking sheet. Boil maple syrup until it’s just bubbling, then carefully pour it into strips on the snow. Take a popsicle stick and, beginning at the top of the strip, wrap it around the syrup. Ta-da! Homemade candy.

Or, get into the spirit of Springville and take a walk on the Pop Warner Rail Trail. You’ll have to bring your boots, but there’s sure to be some pretty scenes.


The trail begins on Main Street, next to Kiril’s and runs 1.7 miles. Hiking not really your thing? Walk down Main Street to the business district and stop in some of the storefronts. You might find something you love, even if it’s just a friendly store owner’s face.

If all else fails, make like the birds and head south. Spring is right around the corner, or so we’re told.


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