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Trading Post hosts rededication ribbon cutting

SPRINGVILLE—The Springville Trading Post Community Care Center celebrated a rededication on Jan. 3 with a ribbon cutting event. The Hamburg Wesleyan Church, who assumed the responsibilities of the Trading Post, hosted the ribbon cutting along with members of the Springville Area and Arcade Chamber of Commerce.

“The Church is assuming responsibilities … but it’s the volunteers who do all the hard work,” new director Peggy Austin said. “They’re the same volunteers who have been here. They’re generous and hard working and so faithful.”

Although the ownership of the ministry has changed, Austin assured members of the community the programs and outreach will remain the same. The Food Pantry, soup kitchen and free lunches on Wednesday will all continue to operate as they have in the past. The Second Harvest, Trading Box and monthly drives will all continue to be the same.

“This is a ministry and we’ll continue to be a ministry,” Austin said. “It’s really an amazing place … I’m impressed with all of it.”

The Trading Post was founded to help members of the community in need, providing them with clothing, food and other household needs. It’s a community center run by volunteers and furnished by donations. The Second Harvest, which takes place during operating hours, provides bread and other food for community members. The food is donated by stores including Tops, Aldi, Walmart and Panera Bread.

“There is a man the volunteers call Andy the Bread Man … he’s always dropping things off,” Austin said. “It’s just such a delight.”

The Trading Post also sponsors the annual Gobble for Groceries 5k Run and Walk on Thanksgiving Day. Participants pay an entry fee with either a monetary donation or food donation. Its other fundraising event, the Souper Bowl, is coming up next month and will mark the first big event for the Trading Post under the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg. The soup and chili contest will be held at the Springville Country Club, with basket raffles and a 50/50.

“It’s a big fundraiser … but I think it’ll be fairly easy [for the Church] because the volunteers have done it and they’ll help,” Austin said. “The volunteers really do make this place work.”

During the ribbon cutting ceremony, Springville Mayor William Krebs thanked the Wesleyan Church of Hamburg for helping to continue the Trading Post operations.

“Thank-you very much for taking over this responsibility,” Krebs said. “We realize it takes a whole community to make our town and village a viable place. We appreciate the church and faith based organizations who administer to those who fall between the cracks.”

Krebs called the Trading Post “extremely important” for residents of Springville and the surrounding areas who need a little help. Austin said it’s the volunteers and partners who keep the Trading Post running.

“We have so many partners who help us … and we’re so thankful,” she said. “The volunteers … they are so faithful and generous … they do everything for the community.”

Austin recounted stopping in on Thanksgiving and seeing the volunteers sitting down for a meal with each other. Watching them interact as family, she said, made her feel like she was in the right place.
“It melts my heart to see them together. They’re faithful, they’re loving, they put it all together,” Austin said. “It was like God’s tugging on my heart … I needed to be here.”

The Trading Post will continue to host its monthly drives, including March’s baby supply drive, July’s backpack drive and the December toy drive. Austin welcomed anyone who would like to get involved, or utilize the Trading Post, to contact the ministry.

“It’s an amazing place, I’ve been impressed with all of it,” she said. “You never know at what point … you might be be the person in need.”

The Souper Bowl will take place from 4-8 p.m. Feb. 3 at the Springville Country Club. Anyone who would like to participate in the contest or donate is asked to call the Trading Post. The Trading Post is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. They are located at 38 Franklin St., and can be reached at 592-4455.


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