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Village looking for project input

SPRINGVILLE—Village residents are being asked to provide input on a Bike-Walk Enhancement Project proposed for Springville. The project focuses mainly on Maple Avenue, improving sidewalks, curbage and bike sharing.

“Projects like this need public input … please get [comments] to the village office,” Mayor William Krebs said. “We do listen. You’re all stakeholders in this.”

Phil Galbo and Alexis Sigeti, of Watts Architecture and Engineering, who were hired to work on the project, presented the preliminary design at the April 2 Board of Trustees meeting.

“We’re excited to be part of this project,” Galbo said. “Projects like this … can make a big impact on … safety, quality of life and mobility.”

Sponsored by the village, the project is included in the Transportation Alternatives Project, which aims to provide resources for non-motor vehicle transportation. The village’s project focuses on creating safer streets for pedestrians and cyclists. The village will cover the cost of the $434,000 project, but receive a reimbursement of 80 cents per dollar from the federal government. The village will be responsible for 20 percent of the project total.

The project is broken down into a base bid and four alternates. The alternates will be completed if there is funding leftover from the base bid. Maple Avenue improvements and miscellaneous bicycle enhancements are part of the base bid, improvements to Newman Street, Franklin Street and North and Buffalo streets, as well as tree plantings are all alternate bids.

Maple Avenue

Work on Maple Avenue will include 1,260 feet of 5-foot sidewalk on the north side of the street, from Spring to Elm streets and Hilltop Drive to Newman Street. Another 320 feet of sidewalk from 59 Maple Ave. to Spring Street, curbing, curb ramps, crosswalks and ‘Bike Share the Road’ signs are also part of the scope. Crosswalks are being proposed at Elm Street, Hilltop Drive, Colonial Drive and Spring Street.

“Maple Avenue is our top priority,” Sigeti said.

Due to mature trees and a steep bank on the north side of Maple Avenue between Elm Street and Hilltop Drive, the sidewalk will be installed on the south side. Pedestrians following the sidewalk would cross at the crosswalks, which will be outfitted with pedestrian crossing signs.


Trustee Elise Rose asked if it were necessary, and safe, to have pedestrians crossing the street twice as opposed to installing all the sidewalk on the south side.

“It is a design flaw,” Sigeti said. “But it’s the best way … to complete it.”

The work would also extend the culverts over Spring Creek and create a sidewalk over the bridge. Curbage will be added to create definition between the sidewalks and roads. Ideally, Sigeti said, the installation of sidewalks will help keep pedestrians out of the street, making pedestrians and motorists safer.

“I appreciate that [Maple Avenue] is the number one priority,” resident Chris Cerrone said. “That is a high traffic area … when the kids get out of school.”

It’s anticipated work on Maple Avenue will cost $363,000.

Bike Enhancements

Along with the work on Maple Avenue as part of the base bid, installing 10 bicycle racks throughout the village and wooden bollards at Shuttleworth Park to define bike traffic is being proposed. The rack locations will be determined during construction. The cost estimates puts the enhancements at $19,000.


Any remaining funds will be used to complete alternate bids it’s estimated the remaining funds will be $52,000. Listed in order of priority, they are: Newman Street, $146,000; Franklin Street, $45,000; tree plantings, $26,000 and North and South Buffalo Street, $153,000. Sigeti said the alternate bids can be split up.

Most of the work includes the installation of sidewalks, crosswalks, ramps and sharrows – or markings on the road alerting drivers to bikers. In the Newman Street bid, installing French drains at Elm Street is proposed to help reduce flooding. The tree planting projects will plant 30 trees throughout the village.

On South Buffalo Street, sidewalks would be added between Woodward Avenue and the Springville Youth, Inc. complex. It wouldn’t include curbs, which caused some concerns for residents.

“People park on that sidewalk,” one resident said. “Curbs would help stop that.”

The project will disrupt traffic flow, closing Maple Avenue between Colonial Drive and Spring Street. Local streets will be available for detours. The sidewalks would utilize right of way land, technically not taking it from the homeowner. Final design will be completed in May, with work expected to begin in July and wrap up in November.

The public comment session is open through April 17. A full overview of the project can be seen at the village office. Comments can be dropped off at, or mailed to, the village office, PO Box 17, 5 Main St., Springville, or emailed to Village Administrator Liz Melock


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