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WVCS hosts third annual Community Day

WEST VALLEY—For the third year, West Valley Central School students will be helping make their community better with the May 4 Community Day.

The Community Day event, which is organized by WVCS staff members Bryan Hansen and Gerry Stead, puts elementary, middle and high school students together to help citizens and organizations with various projects and jobs. People in the community are able to submit their projects to be completed by students and staff.

In previous years, students have been able to help the residents in the community with many different jobs including stacking firewood, cleaning up yards, mulching flower beds, painting and cleaning porches. Along with the residents, students and staff have helped local churches, cemeteries and the community at large by picking up garbage along local roads and helping with jobs at the WVCS grounds.

“It gives them a chance to demonstrate that they do care about things. If they are out there picking garbage off the side of the road, they are not going to be throwing it out there,” Superintendent Eric Lawton said. “It gives them a little bit of community pride and a chance to help out the neighbors, and for some of them, get to see some of the neighbors that they normally don’t get to meet.”

When looking back to last yea’rs event, Lawton said the Community Day went very well with students from many different grade levels stepping up to help out those in need within their community. With the good response last year, Lawton expects students to step up once again to help.


“I think the students were really into it,” Lawton said. “They enjoyed getting out into the community and getting a chance to give something back. They liked walking around and cleaning up and they were very efficient too. I anticipate the same kind of thing this year.”

Lawton is happy to see students participate every year and hopes they are able to take away the importance of hard work and the importance of supporting their community to help make it the best place for everybody.

“I really hope they understand what it’s like to put in a day's work and the value in not only doing the hard work, but you can see the results of it,” Lawton said. “You can see our community looking better, whether they are cleaning up or painting. I think that is important for them to understand that it is our community, everybody’s, the students and the adults and to have everybody work together on that is very valuable.”

In addition to helping their community, Lawton expressed the importance of students and staff members working together during Community Day and being able to build a better and healthier relationship.

“So often in school, the teacher is standing up in front of the room kind of leading,” Lawton said. “In this case, you have the teacher and student working side-by-side and I think it kind of changes that relationship, builds a little more trust and a little more collegiality and then we start to see our teachers and students working even better together after that.”

West Valley residents who would like to have a job completed will need to fill out the form that can be found in the March 2018 WVCS newsletter or at Forms must be filled out and returned to the school no later than April 13.

For more information, contact Hansen at or 942-3293 ext. 4108 or Stead at or 942-3293 ext. 4114.


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