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Wal-Mart help Heritage Building progress with donation

Pictured from left: Jeff Mahl, Wal-Mart Store Manager Brad Lyons and Joel Maul

SPRINGVILLE—As the Heritage Building gets closer to completion, Wal-Mart in Springville recently was able to provide funds to help continue the growth of the project.

Springville Wal-Mart Manager Brad Lyons said he was impressed with Jeff Mahl’s passion for the Heritage Building, and knew his staff would help out. Using their Wal-Mart Community Grants, the store was able to secure funding.

“When I started talking to Jeff and hearing his passion for what they were going to do here, who it is going to be able to serve and the amount of history they were going to be able to exhibit, I knew that I would be proud to be part of that and Wal-Mart would be proud to be a part of that as well,” Lyons said. “We have larger community grants that we are able to give out throughout the year and we submitted for that and we are just happy to be able to contribute and play our part in developing this.”

Last year, Wal-Mart gave a $2,000 community grant which was used toward technology upgrades, including a television and tablet to be used in Heritage Building displays and this year, Wal-Mart was able to secure another $2,000 grant that was used toward the building, painting, tables and more.

“I’m really proud to work for a company that has these programs available for us to make decisions and allows myself and my team to decide who we donate to so we can give it to people we think will make a contribution to the community,” Lyons said.

Progress on the Heritage Building continues to move ahead, Mahl and Joel Maul of the Concord Historical Society said, thanks in part to corporate and club sponsors. In addition to Wal-Mart, the Springville-Griffith Institute Education Foundation, Horschel Bros Precision LLC, White’s Appliance, Calico Club, Hope Ministries, Carpet World, Carl Emerling, Woman’s Club of Springville and others have donated.

“It makes us very proud that there are companies like Wal-Mart and many others that feel close enough to Springville to be able to want to contribute to its continued growth and that is something that benefits all of us,” Mahl said.

The Heritage Building will be a 40 foot by 40 foot building with the inside resembling Main Street between 1920 and 1960. The building will feature store front displays that will house artifacts and interactive exhibits for some of the many collections the Historical Society has of Springville history, including Jack Yellen, Dr. RB Waite, Kuhn’s Drugstore, Concord Medical Center, the Leland House, George Schuster and the Joylan Theater.

Maul said although progress is being made on the Heritage Building, there are still a lot of jobs left to be completed and any kind of volunteer help would be much needed and appreciated – especially help with laying tile flooring.

“[Laying tile] is one of our biggest needs … we have all these materials, but we need a younger guy to put the tile down,” Maul said. “Anybody that has an hour or two that could stop down, I’ll find something for them to help me with.”

If construction continues at its current pace, Maul expects the Heritage Building to open by September.

Concord Historical Society donations can be dropped off at the Lucy Bensley Center, 23 N. Buffalo St. in Springville, mailed to P.O. Box 425, Springville, NY 14141 or online at by searching Concord Historical.

For more information on the Heritage Building, visit


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