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Wittmer, Engel thanked at village board meeting

SPRINGVILLE—Sydney Wittmer and MacKenzie Engel were presented proclamations for their work in designing the Village of Springville seal and marking for the Springville Police Department police cars, at the May 21 Village Board of Trustees meeting.

Wittmer and Engel began working on their designs in October 2017 as part of their graphic design class at Springville-Griffith Institute. The partnership between the village and the students started after an officer approached Nick Budney, officer in charge, about updating their patches and badges.

“It wasn’t on the top of my list … but I thought it would be a great way to get students involved,” Budney said. “It gave them real world experience.”

Engel designed the village seal, which includes recognizable buildings in Springville, along with street signs for routes 219 and 39. The police car markings, designs by Wittmer, are gray and purple and include the Springville Police Department’s badge.

“I think it’s wonderful,” Springville Mayor William Krebs said. “This isn’t just a school assignment … this is real world education.”

The students were also presented with gifts showcasing their designs; Engel was given a plaque with the seal engraved on it, while Wittmer was gifted a model police car with her design.


Budney met with students from Christy Komenda’s high school graphic design class to talk about other municipalities, their seals and what they portray to give the students some ideas before they make their designs.

After making their village seal designs, the students were able to present their ideas to Budney, Trustee Nils Wikman and S-GI High School Principal James Bialasik where they were given some feedback.

The board approved the application for phase three of the Franklin Street streetscape project. The project, which is financed through a Smart Growth Grant, would include paving Franklin Street from St. Aloysius to North Central Avenue. Resurfacing the tennis courts and adding permanent shade structures at Eaton Park, as well as highlighting pedestrian crosswalks are included in the project. The application is due June 1.

“We used [Smart Growth grants] for the Franklin Street streetscape project,” Krebs said. “We’ve been encouraged to apply again.”

A fee of $250 was added to the fee schedule, for the release of rights-of-way. Currently, there is a fee for getting a right-of-way, but nothing for the release of them. Village Administrator Liz Melock said the fee would help cover the cost of paperwork and administrative fees.

The Village Board of Trustees will next meet Monday, June 4 at 7 p.m. in the Public Safety Building, 65 Franklin St.


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