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Wochensky announces Assembly candidacy

EAST AURORA—Following a day-long tour of 30 municipalities from Derby to Portageville, Luke Wochensky announced his campaign for New York State Assembly District 147. The official announcement was made May 8 in East Aurora, though Wochensky said he spent the prior day announcing his candidacy in towns in the district.

“The problem is if you announce in one day, you’re not announcing in the 29 other towns [in the district],” Wochensky said. “These towns deserve someone to listen to them and hear them.”

His 30 municipality tour, he said, was to symbolically show constituents he is ready to work 24 hours a day for them. The tour also aimed to show he understands the breadth of the district and plans to represent every resident.

During his announcement, Wochensky said politics have reached a point of corrosion and divisive language, adding the public needs to work together. A native of Colden, Wochensky lives in Aurora with his wife Katya and son Motvey. He graduated from Springville-Griffith Institute and is a registered Democrat.

“Our campaign is focused on four things,” he said. “Investing in our main streets, supporting our families, delivering resources to our communities and protecting and promoting our agricultural lands and natural resources.”

While touring the district, Wochensky met with students of Iroquois High School, trustees in Arcade and farmers in Wyoming County. Everyone he spoke with, he said, had a concern that he would like to address. From farmers losing money by having cows, students struggling with a lack of Internet services and librarians who are asking for help from the state.

“I really, really, really like rural Western New York,” Wochensky said. “Unfortunately, not all my friends have been able to remain in the area. We need to work together to ensure that young people … and even those in my generation can stay here and make a good living.”


While visiting with Springville Mayor William Krebs, Wochensky said protecting small towns and the quality of life in them is important to him. Residents within rural areas should have the same tools as those in higher-populated areas, While visiting with Springville Mayor William Krebs, Wochensky said.

“We have to stop concentrating on the negative and start working proactively to put ourselves ahead of the curve,” Wochensky said. “We have to use the advantages of living in New York … and concentrate on making places like Springville competitive.”

He decided to run for the Assembly seat after feeling the district has gone too long without getting the attention it deserves. Having worked with an international law firm representing American and European companies abroad, Wochensky feels his “worldwide” view can help strengthen the local area.

“There’s no quick fix, but we need to get to work,” he said. “I will prove … I am willing and able to put in the hard work … and use my skills. The people of this district deserves someone who works as hard as they do.”

If elected, Wochensky hopes to work toward a fix for the political system he feels is broken for the people living in rural Erie and Wyoming counties. The people in small towns, he said, deserve someone who is going to work tirelessly and he would like to be that representative.

“We have to listen and act, rather than destroy and react,” Wochensky said. “I look forward to driving in my truck through each town and listening to people. After all, that is the job, to represent them in the State Assembly.”

The Assembly District 147 covers Southern Erie County and Wyoming County. The seat is currently held by David DiPietro.

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