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Work upcoming for Springville Field and Stream pond

Dredging and widening the banks is some of the work happening to the Springville Field and Stream trout pond on Buffalo Road.

SPRINGVILLE – For years, the trout pond on Buffalo Road has been a fixture of the Springville Field and Stream Club. But after years of problems with erosion and banks of the pond receding, work will soon begin on the pond to try and bring it back to where it was during its heyday.

Springville Field and Stream President Richard Wells said over time, many of the banks at the pond have receded over 10-20 feet in some areas, which has caused many areas of the pond to become much shallower than normal and work is planned to fix those problems. One cause to this problem has been high number of geese that consistently go up and down the banks, which is causing erosion of the banks.

“It’s gradually degraded and gotten shallower and shallower,” Wells said. “It just got to the point where we could put some trout in there, but they wouldn’t survive for a long time. It’s the Field and Stream’s property, we have had it for a long time and it’s degraded so badly that we felt our property should be back the way it was when we got it.”

In the upcoming work, Wells said majority of the work will involve first digging out a layer of silt at the bottom and sides of the pond in order to get to the bottom layer of gravel. Once they get to the gravel, it will be spread out toward the sides of the pond to widen out the banks. Work on the pond will also entail removing weeds and getting the water cleaner to help the fish survive longer and make the pond a better place for the community to use.

Once a year, the New York State Department of Conservation stocks the pond with trout, which allows the Springville Field and Stream to have the pond open to the public during trout season from April 1 until Oct. 15. Along with being open to the public, the Field and Stream host events at the pond including a kids fishing derby and inviting residents from Springville nursing homes to come fish the pond. In the winter, it is also a great place for bird watchers because it attracts a variety of species of ducks during that time.

“It will be a better place for people to come up and go fishing. You will be able to catch more fish, the fish will live longer and be healthier,” Wells said. “I think it will enhance the community and having a nice pond there will be a boost for Springville. It’s a nice location close to town, people can walk up there and fish or just sit there and relax.”

Wells said some of the biggest reasons for doing this work was to make the pond more accessible and hopefully bring it back to a point where more kids can use the pond like it used to be years ago.

“Hopefully we get more kids up there … it is close to town and is perfect for kids,” Wells said. “There used to be kids lining the banks and it was unbelievable how many kids were there. Everybody was trying to catch fish and I would like to see it go back that way.”

With the project set to cost around $32,000, the Springville Field and Stream is accepting donations toward the project which can be mailed to PO Box 106, Springville, NY 14141-1016. For more information on the Springville Field and Stream, visit or call 592-7941.


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