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Wounded veterans honored with parking signs in Boston

BOSTON—As a way to help honor those who served our country, the Town of Boston installed new parking signs for combat wounded veterans at the town hall.

The wounded veterans parking signs were installed at the Boston Town Hall during the Thank a Vet discount program outreach event on May 8, hosted by Erie County Clerk Michael Kearns.


“It is a way to honor [veterans] and not forget the sacrifice that they made for our country,” Kearns said. “This act may seem like a small act, but to our veterans, it shows that we will not forget their sacrifice, will not forget their service and they will have a place to park here, because of the supervisor, to make sure that it is accessible and easy for them to get into town hall.”

After seeing the signs in other towns throughout Erie County and other states, Boston Supervisor Jason Keding has been following the program and thought it was a good time to bring it to the town. Two of the parking signs are located in the rear parking lot of the town hall and a third sign will be placed either in the front of the town hall or in the rear with the others.

“When I had identified this program, I thought why not bring it to the town hall to offer our veterans easy access,” Keding said. “It’s to keep it easy on the men and women who served our country … they made a choice to give to our country and this is my way of giving back to them.”

With members of his family serving in the military, Keding wanted to be able to show local veterans they are appreciated and is grateful the town is able to offer them something to make their lives easier.

“It really does make you feel good at the end of the day,” he said. “These are people who made a commitment, either at a young age right out of high school, or maybe a little bit later … the very least I can do is give them easy access to a local government building that will ultimately help them.”

Along with the new parking signs, residents who came to the Thank a Vet event were able to file their discharge papers with the Erie County Clerk and receive a Thank a Vet discount card. This card offers savings to over 1,400 businesses in Erie County. Anyone interested in getting a discount card can visit the Old County Hall, 92 Franklin St. in Buffalo, or call 858-4737.


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