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A Point of View: The harmony of the spring symphony

Our region in Western New York is a very special place. With its magnificent rolling hills, expansive beautiful valleys and majestic lake plains, our region stands out as a wonderland of nature. With our four seasons of the year, there is something very special about our region, be it summer, fall, winter or spring. We have now entered that bountifully flourishing season which follows the cold winter weather. The following poem, which I have written, sets the downbeat, tone, score, pitch and cadence – figuratively speaking of course – for the appreciation of the wonderfully dynamic season we call spring.

Nature’s orchestra

Natures' orchestra is assembling for the downbeat

For the spring season to begin with the score.

Each orchestral section is readying with precision

For the brilliant harmony of spring soundings galore!

The leaves on trees have now all awakened

As sap returned from roots to their prime.

And the leafy lace on trees made their appearance

Dressed for the melodious charm of happy springtime.

The early spring flowers sprout from their winter nesting

With purple crocus and colored tulips sublime.

And yellow forsythia and lilacs dressed in royal colors

As they come forth in brilliance, intoning "it is spring time."

The return of hummingbirds from winter vacation-land

As we awaited the first sign that they're here.

And we see the return of colored Baltimore orioles

And their symphonic melodies so crystal-like cheer.

The farmers and gardeners have anxiously been awaiting

To turn the soil over, having it ready and in prime.

For the season's planting of new springtime seedlings

With the conductor's downbeat, signaling "it's planting time.

This is the score for the concert we have awaited

The orchestra has begun its triumphant composition.

The notes are there, and the downbeat has been given

For the symphonic notes of magnificence in transposition.


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