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Editorial: Spring birds, winter daisies

SPRINGVILLE—About a year ago, I bought a few plants. Living in an apartment, I don’t have much gardening space, which is fine, since I’m not much of a gardener. But, I do have a good-sized deck that pretty much becomes my living and dining room once the weather gets warm. So I bought three potted plants to spruce up my living space.

One was a sizeable planter with some spring-y looking flowers and some kind of grass plant. (Told you I wasn’t a gardener, I don’t even know what I bought.) Another were purple petunias, which I bought mostly because I knew what they were, partly because I think they’re pretty. And the third was a gerber daisy.


I bought the gerber daisy, again, because I think they’re pretty. But also because when my sister got married in 2011, those were her flowers and I’ve loved them since then.

We brought all these guys home, watered them, gave them some different soil and left them in the sun to do their thing. For the most part, everything went well. The petunias kept blooming and cascaded over their pot, which, I’m not sure is supposed to happen, but I really liked the way it looked. The bigger one with the grass-like plant grew and at one point became a nesting spot for a bird. I had to relocate the nest (also an interesting ride, since I have no idea how to do that. Thanks, Google!) because I read the birds can be mean if they have eggs. And like I said, I pretty much spend all my free time on my porch, so, sorry birds.

The gerber daisy, however, grew and grew, but never flowered. It didn’t even get a bud on it. That guy stayed outside all spring and all summer and a little bit of the fall, but never bloomed. Being the master gardener that I am, I was all ready to throw the little guy into the woods and be done with it. Since my fiance is much more patient and determined than I am, we kept the gerber daisy inside all winter. We gave it water, we put it near the sun and added some nutrient rich soil. All things we did while it was outside.

Now, although my thumbs aren’t green, I know enough to know a gerber daisy is a spring through fall flower. But alas, I got a dud. Or so I thought. I don’t believe in Christmas miracles, but I do believe there is a bit of magic that time of year. Because, you guessed it, right around my early December birthday, we got a flower!

A big, beautiful, orange and yellow gerber daisy, sitting amongst the birthday cupcakes and Christmas garland. I’ve never seen something more out of place, and I’ve never loved a simple flower more.

So, I don’t know, maybe there’s a lesson in here about perseverance and determination and how we can flourish in the unlikeliest of situations. Or maybe, you just read a ridiculous, but hopefully humorous, story about a girl who knows nothing about flowers. But either way, that gerber daisy is outside once again waiting for Christmas to show its colors.


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