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Editorial: Thank-you, readers

In a time when information is so readily available to us, it seems we are by far less informed than in years past. The internet as provided us with rapid fire news stories, accurate or otherwise, depicting clickbait headlines aimed at racking up the most comments and reactions.

The amount of information has increased, but it seems the quality has decreased. We do our best each week to put out a newspaper that includes stories important to the community, with a little fun on the side. Our subscribers are the ones who allow us to do that.

So, thank-you.

The staff at the Springville Journal loves reporting the goings-on of the communities we cover. We enjoy attending board meetings and watching the government at work. Our weekends are spent at parades and track meets documenting the life of our readers. We quite honestly could not do what we do without you.

Hillary Clinton, this past week, spoke at the Yale commencement. Her politics aside, she said something I found to be very important: “[Support] brave journalists and their reporting maybe even by subscribing to a newspaper.

Without the support of our readers, those who subscribe to a weekly hometown newspaper, our industry is a dying breed.

When I was graduating college I got the age-old question, “what are your plans after college?” I wanted to work for a newspaper, I told them.

“Really? No one reads those anymore, get into TV.”

I am so grateful you have all proved those people wrong.

Newspapers allow journalists to take their time, get the facts straight, and craft their story in a way that pulls a reader in. Yes, we are in the digital world, and we utilize those resources often. But the manner in which we report the news does not change. I see our website and social media channels as an aid to our product. They are there for us when breaking news happens, they allow us a better way to connect to our readers and learn which stories they prefer. However, they are secondary. We spend about a week working to put together the paper, from deciding which stories will be printed, to actually laying the paper out and sending it to be printed.

In today’s news world, a week in an eternity.

Our readers are the ones who allow us to use that time to put together a product that makes us proud. You, who support us each week, are the ones we think of every day we work on the Journal. We know you have a choice in where you can get your news, we hope you continue to choose us.

Thank-you, readers.


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