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Editorial:Thanking the thankless

There are a lot of thankless jobs in the world. Firemen, police officers and various other first responders are the ones we often think about. But there are so many other people who keep the world moving, without a second thought from most of us.

As I made my way to celebrate Christmas, I passed a few gas stations. All of whom were open. It was 6 a.m. on Christmas and there were people ready to fill up your tank or coffee cup. It got me thinking about the sacrifices they make. I fill my car up at Kwik Fill, I like it because it’s on my way home, but really because they pump the gas for me. I grew up outside of New Jersey, where it’s illegal to pump your own gas, so I got spoiled. I know how to pump gas, but if someone else is willing to do it for me, I’ll gladly let them take the handle.

I’ve been to Kwik Fill in some nasty weather, from whipping winds to snow falls and heavy downpour. And each time, there has been someone there to pump my gas. So my first thank-you goes out to all the gas station employees who work early mornings, late nights and holidays to make sure we can get where we want to go.

I did a lot of my holiday shopping this year online. I try to get out to the stores at least once, but sometimes you can’t beat the convenience of online shopping. Combined with my birthday and upcoming wedding, I had a lot of packages sent to me this holiday season. One night I came home to six packages of various sizes. Most came from UPS, but others were from FedEX and the Post Office. There are very few people, in my opinion, who work as hard as delivery drivers. There were nights I was getting packages after 8 p.m., when I had been home for hours and getting ready to relax for the night.

The gentleman who delivers my UPS packages is awesome. I run into him often, and he always has a smile on his face and usually a little anecdote for me. I’ve thanked him a few times, but I hope he knows how much I truly appreciate his hard work.

Then, of course, the snow plow drivers. We like to thank them when we think of it, but they deserve it so much more often. There was some nasty weather this weekend and on Christmas, and I saw the drivers out working to keep the roads clear. There are times when it seemingly snows nonstop, and they are still out there trying to keep the roads clear.

We’re lucky enough in Springville to have a DPW that also clears the sidewalks when they can. That is above and beyond their work clearing the roads. And I think sometimes we can take that for granted.

So to everyone who works to keep us safe, who keep our cars running and who bring us packages, as well as everyone else who feels underappreciated - thank-you!


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