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Editorial: Waiting for gold

I vividly remember being in my dorm room when Sidney Crosby scored the game winning goal in the United State vs. Canada gold medal game in the 2010 Winter Olympics. I wouldn’t watch the game with anyone, but my entire floor heard me scream in frustration. I don’t care for Crosby, and I certainly don’t care for the US getting silver when gold was on the line.

In 2014, I was working in Dansville at the Genesee Country Express. I told my boss I was going to be late to work that morning, because Olympic hockey was starting. I spent most of those two weeks with a split screen at work so I can watch the games.

I’m hoping this year the US women’s team can finally get the gold. The team, along with returners Brianna Decker and Meghan Duggan fell short in Sochi, losing to Canada in the gold medal game. Since women’s hockey was added in 1998, the US team has medaled each year but haven’t gotten gold.

In case you haven’t picked up by now, I love hockey. It’s such an intense, fast sport and since I could remember watching Rangers games with my dad, I have been obsessed with the game. But add in the Olympics? That is good hockey.

Olympians are a rare breed. Those Campbell’s and Kleenex commercials played during the Olympics where the mom is talking about their athlete make me tear up, every single time. Something about working your whole life to represent your country on a national stage in a sport you love just amazes me. It’s competitive, it’s fun and it’s pretty patriotic.

Throughout the year, many of us root for a variety of different sports teams. I’m a Rangers fan, but I know many people who prefer the Sabres. There are Bills fans and Vikings fans, Astros and White Sox fans, but the Olympics? We’re all fans of the United States. It’s the one team we can all get behind and root for, for better or worse, they are our team, our citizens and our athletes.

This will be an interesting Olympics for hockey, with the NHL opting out of sending its athletes. I’m not sure how that will pan out in the long run, but I do know I’ll be glued to the screen, watching each puck drop, waiting for gold.


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