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Elementary students ready for journalism school

For the fourth year in a row, I was invited to Springville Elementary School for the annual career day presentations. Leading up to my June 18 presentation, I felt like a kid before the first day of school. You know that nervous but excited feeling? Yeah, except I’m 27 and have done this for the last few years. But still, what if the students don’t like me, or have no interest in being in the newspaper industry?

It happens every year. And as soon as I get into the classroom and start my presentation, I’m reminded why I say yes each year. The fourth grade students are not only polite and respectful, they are engaged and ask really good questions. This year, I gave a quick rundown of my job as editor, my staff and the importance of community newspapers. Following my presentation, I ask one student to role play a reporter and one to play the part of our interview subject. The other students in the class are invited to ask questions as reporters, too.


And as promised to those fourth graders, here are the stories we wrote this year.

  • Nate went swimming at his cottage on Saturday, June 16. He was with his cousins, Leo and Mia. The three swam in a “pretty deep” family lake. Nate wore a blue life jacket.
  • Anthony had a wild animal try to get into his family’s chicken coop. The animal was black, about the size of a cat and had a metal trap on its leg. His mom slammed the door and screamed at the animal to get it to leave.
  • Drew was playing the video game Fortnite on Saturday when he saw a person in a bush on Loot Lake. Someone threw a Boogie Bomb into the bush, which made it dance.
  • Babe Ruth hit a grandslam in a World Series game. He was playing for the New York Yankees, against the Brooklyn Dodgers. The game was played at Yankee Stadium.
  • Concord Crest Golf Course is hosting a golf camp for children between 4 and 17 years old. Olivia’s mom is running the camp. It will teach people tips and tricks for playing golf, like which club to use. “It’s a good way to learn new things and get experience golfing,” Olivia said.
  • Hay profits are good this year, Zoe said. The weather has been good for making hay, which consists of letting grass grow, cutting it, using a tedder and baling it. Zoe makes round and square bales that are sold to farmers and people who use it for bedding or feeding animals. A normal square bale costs under $3 and a round bale will be about $10. She drives her dad’s tractor to help, it’s fun, but sometimes there are snakes and that’s “scary.”
  • Emily went to the Columbus Zoo on Saturday. She saw a cheetah, Bald Eagle, leopard and hyena. The cheetah was chasing a chicken and the hyena was climbing a hill. She went with her dad, and her favorite animal was the cheetah because it’s the fastest land animal.

A special thanks to our reporters, Hunter, Zayne, Finnley, Daniella and Bryce. Dante served as the source for our Babe Ruth story.


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