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Letter to the Editor: Again?


Well the record’s been broken. Mr. Paddock officially (and posthumously) wins the mass shooter championship trophy with 59 dead and over 200 wounded. Thanks to the help of the easygoing gun laws of Nevada and bump stocks which easily convert boring old semiautos into full autos (legally, due to a legal technicality that probably is not going to get fixed until 2019) and it happened in Vegas. You can open carry in Vegas! Where were the good guys with guns?

Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about gun control. It’s kinda pointless, the Republicans have been bought and paid for by the NRA and gun manufacturers’ lobbyists. And the Dems are utterly terrified of them. So we all get scared and get more guns because they give us the illusion of power.

Do have some bad news for you NRA and SCOPe guys. There’ll be another mass shooter and the odds are good it’ll be in Vegas (easy access to the weapons, big crowds and if you don’t care about if you’re taken alive you don’t have to be rich, all you need is a credit card) and Nevada which relies on tourism for its economy will realize if a tourist looks up at those beautiful new casinos and wonders if there’s a crazy up there locked and loaded for his final shootout … that won’t help tourism. Then Nevada will be looking at NY’s Safe Act. Because we have big crowds and big buildings too, but we’re not having mass shooters for some reason.

Larry Schultz



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