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Letter to the Editor: Attend the public meeting which will discuss intersection safety


I enter the Route 240 and Genesee Road crossroad on a daily basis. I see the parts from cars that have been involved in accidents strewn through the cemetery, the fire department area as well as on private property in the vicinity of the intersection. There is a blind spot on 240 (south of Genesee) that makes it dangerous for anyone trying to enter the intersection from the eastern corner of Genesee Road. There is an additional risk added by the entry of Sibley Road into Genesee Road near the Genesee/240 intersection. There has been a study to improve the control of traffic at the intersection.

At the Aug. 10 Town of Concord Board meeting, a large traffic circle was proposed as the recommended option. I pictured the many tractor trailers that travel down the hill (from the east) being introduced to a new situation involving a large circle at the base of the hill. What kind of signage would be there? Would there still be a stop sign or would it be a warning/circle ahead and a yield sign? I was not resisting the proposal of a large circle or any other proposal. I was just trying to picture what it would be like and would it be safe. Councilman [Ken] Zittel was kind enough to offer me his opinion of the safety of a circle since he has first-hand experience with tractor trailers.

I encourage residents to attend the public meeting which will be scheduled later this year and voice your concerns and ask questions regarding the best solution to ensure safety at this intersection.


Mary Jane Miess

East Concord


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