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Letter to the Editor: Bill Krebs has shown tremendous leadership


Bill Krebs was elected as Mayor of Springville in 2006. His leadership, management abilities and successful programs were quickly recognized within the various municipal officials organizations in WNY. However, at this time what is most important to us as voting citizens of the Concord/Springville community is how William Krebs has used these skills and what he has accomplished.

Fire Department: Early in his tenure as an elected official, Bill Krebs was instrumental in bringing the village leaders and the leadership of the Springville Volunteer Fire Department together to develop a collaborative approach to set mutual goals for the future growth and needs of department and the village. They planned a firefighter's equipment replacement schedule. They agreed on yearly budgets and they planned and built a new firefighting and EMT center as part of the enhanced Public Safety Building on Franklin Street serving Springville and the surrounding region.

Senior Citizens: Bill’s wife Ginny has been an advocate for senior citizens in Concord, bringing needed services to the area through SCENe. Ginny and Bill advocated for the building of a senior center and the Orchard Living complex. While the town has subsequently ended partnerships that brought service to the senior facility, Ginny and Bill remain advocates for senior services to help our residents age in place.

Community Conscious: Bill recognized the catastrophic social and economic damage the removal of the old Route 219 bridge would have to our community. He “went to bat” with county and state officials to demand the bridge be rebuilt for our greater community.

Experience: The mayor is ultimately responsible for the function of all operations of the village including streets, electric, water/sewer, police and court. He interacts and negotiates with private and governmental entities. He provided a smooth transition in village management in recent years. No candidate has had the depth of experience that Mayor Krebs has had.

Financial Acumen: Since Bill Krebs has been an elected official, the village has received over $5,000,000 in grants to improve infrastructure and provide services. Some of these grants are in the area of sidewalks, South Buffalo drop structure replacement, stream bank stabilization, water runoff control, Franklin Street streetscape, Heritage Park, Historic preservation, economic development through NY Main Program and partnership with Erie County and Springville Center for the Arts for blight mitigation.

Bill Krebs is and would be an excellent Town Supervisor any time.This election is not however just anytime. Concord is changing. Concord can no longer operate short term budgeting. The lack of foresight and planning are the reasons Route 240 in Concord remains a “patch path,” town parks are deteriorating and equipment replacement costs are in a funding crisis.

Concord needs leadership looking forward to the future, not backward to the past. I firmly believe the Concord/Springville community needs Bill Krebs as our town supervisor. Vote Elect New Concord: Krebs – Hamann – Mayer.

C. Murray Regan



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