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Letter to the Editor: Candidate for Town Council looking forward to meeting the community


As a resident of Springville and the Town of Concord, I have decided to run for Town Council. I have been thrilled to meet with groups, organizations and individuals from our community regarding key issues.

Thank you to all of those individuals who have spoken with me to voice your concerns regarding the safety of our future generations. Thank you to the residents who walked the grounds of Community Park with me and the other Elect New Concord candidates, Bill Krebs and Jon Hamann, to show where improvements are needed. Thank you to the group of seniors who met with us to discuss concerns of your facilities.

These individuals are not just residents -– they are parents, coaches and taxpayers who have noticed the steady deterioration of facilities over several years. The members of these groups pour their time and energy into programs and improvements. That's work that as town officials we will support, encourage and amplify.

Volunteers at our community park deserve a snack shack with a stable, safe roof. Visitors to our parks deserve bathrooms that are accessible and clean – especially for people with physical disabilities. Our kids deserve playground equipment that is modern – not because it's nicer to look at, but because it's safer to play on.

Park maintenance isn't just mowing grass. There are fixes that are long overdue. There is no reason why our park has deteriorated, only excuses of a failure to plan, budget and invest.

We are a town that has pride in our facilities. We are residents that believe in the value of facilities for recreation, exercise and events. Collaboration between organizations is needed to make Concord a wonderful place to live. Whether it is with community sports organizations, senior citizen groups or county level government, we should have the foresight and vision to create, implement and execute these key initiatives.

I look forward to engaging in conversations with residents and will make sure that your voice is heard. The Elect New Concord team is ready to work for you. Learn more at and we will see you out in Concord between now and Nov. 7.


Matthew Mayer,



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